The Usual Suspects: Woodlands Character Creator

I have a new blog! Woo! I made the switch from Wordpress to Shopify this weekend and getting rid of my previous blog was a bit sad. I had been running it since 2011 and had made quite a few art friends over the years. Then I noticed the blog feature on Shopify's system. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of Wordpress but it looks like it will get the job done. And I'm glad to be back!



I've been working hard on a new graphics set over the past couple of weeks, fun little woodland forest animals. This character creator set was a pure joy to make. Sketching out these funky little guys and then drawing a series of little outfits and bright pop flowers was the easiest (fun) work I've had in a long time. The new set features 5 woodland creatures that you can use au naturel or dress up in various outfits. I've included a big set of bonus florals along with pendants, banners, flags and signs and more. It's packed with over 150 items.


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