Tutorial: 10 Minute Intuitive Watercolor Portraits

I love a good piece of 10 minute art! These intuitive watercolor portraits are quick and easy to make. All of you need is watercolor paper, watercolor paints, a pencil and some inking and/or gel pens. Markers can also come in handy or colored pencils.


Intuitive watercolor portraits step 1

I wet my paper first because it's much easier to spread the paint around for these quickie portraits. I know I'm making portraits so I generally try to make some sort of head shape on the paper. Basically just an oval is all that's needed. And then I dip some paint around willy nilly to fill out the painting with some more color.


Intuitive watercolor portraits step 2

My next step (once the previous step is dry) is to make some basic facial shows to suggest an eyes nose and mouth. It doesn't matter how good it looks or if your facial features are all wonky. As long as there is a suggestion of a face, you can work with it! My pink person looks like they're wearing a Batman mask, LOL. No worries.


Intuitive watercolor portraits step 3

Using a pencil or a colored pencil, sketch in your facial features using the watercolor feature shapes you laid down in the previous sketch. I recommend a pencil with a light touch at this stage so you can easily erase any mistakes.


Intuitive watercolor portraits step 4

My next step was to use my ink pens to further define some pretty faces and to use the watercolor shapes to create things like hair and flowers. See where the watercolor patterns take you. Maybe you see flowers or stars or clouds.


Intuitive watercolor portraits step 5

I used markers to add a bit more shading to the face to help the features stand out. Colored pencils work well here too. 



Intuitive watercolor portraits step 6


My last step was to use markers and gel pens to add in fun lines and patterns to bring these cute little portraits to life. Voila! Ten minute intuitive portraits! Bonus - the pink lady no longer looks like Batman. :)



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