Weekly Art 2: Old Masters & New Daisies

cat illustrations

I've been sorting out all of my graphics and art over the past week since I bought a new computer and REALLY need to sort stuff out. I don't think I've sorted my file system in well over 5 years. You can imagine the mess, right? 

Above are some older graphics made new again! I pulled out some old cat illustrations to add to my portfolio but took a bit of time to give them an update. I have a thing for cats. They've always been my favorite pet to hang out with. I work with one super crabby cat and one ridiculously friendly cat lounging around nearby. Weirdly, they both love to drink my paint water! What's up with that? I have to keep my eye on them whenever I'm painting because as soon as I get up, one or the other is trying to drink the gross grey water! Then again, I'm always dropping my used brush into my coffee. I'm sure I've swallowed my fair share of paint.

Favorite artist cards

I also started sorting out my artist trading cards I've made over the years. The ones above are all master studies I've made and traded. I'm sure you can recognize a few of these paintings. Trading 'favorite artist' cards used to be a common ATC thing. Is it still? I've been out of trading for a while now but I still occasionally love trading old master paintings along with some of the newer artists people choose as their theme. My favorite is probably the Joe Sorren at the top right. He's one of my fave artists. I just love his style. And Egon Shiele too - I'm always happy when someone chooses him as the artist to trade. 

I finished a summery graphics set this week. Daisies are some of my fave flowers, along with peonies. I made this set of pink and yellow daisies in a light graphic style. I hope people enjoy this one. It was quite fun to make. It's actually a rework of an old set but I think it took me as long to rework it as it did to make the original. Always the way!

Daisy Graphics Set

daisy graphics on phonesdaisy graphics on phones

Happy weekend to everyone! It's a long one here. Can't wait :)



  • You and I are twins right now, as I too am on a computer clear out. I must say that yours looks MUCH lovelier than mine – gorgeous work!

    Win Dinn
  • I am working on cleaning my photos too. So much work, but it does surface a lot of forgotten work. You paintings are beautiful! I love cats too! You cat illustrations made me smile.


    soma @ whimsandfancies.com
  • It’s a lovely clean page, with beautiful artwork.

    Jennifer Jilks
  • Very nice a good selection. But it sure looks like you had fun.
    Coffee is on

    peppylady (Dora)
  • Beautiful art!


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