Weekly Art 3: Art Nouveau and Laundry Pile Ups

Art Nouveau ATC Sketch Card


I finally had the opportunity to make an ATC tonight! WOO! It's been a while since I've had a bit of free art time to do what I want. I joined a travelling trade group over at illustratedATCs.com with the theme of art nouveau and this one above is my contribution. I was able to trade her for a super cool art nouveau cat!  The card above was created in ink and markers with a bit of gel pen thrown in for good measure.

A laundry pile up

This is me today. Seriously. I have been trying to do laundry for over a week now and the dried stuff is just piling up, unfolded. It has been a crazy busy work week for me! Tomorrow.... for sure. The drawing is from an old Illustration Friday with the theme of "intentions." I did have good ones, still do!  By the way, I don't actually look like this. My boobs are nowhere near as perky. LOL.

Happy weekend to all!





  • Beautiful! even your intention is beautiful :)

  • when it comes to laundry I am glad I am single :) But I like your art. :)

  • Fantastic!! Love the top art piece.. She is so pretty

    Amy L Jochman
  • That’s really beautiful artwork, love both of the works!

    Sreeja Harikrishnan
  • fabulous illustrations Sal!! Love the Art Nouveau one especially. Happy PPF!

    Linda Kunsman

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