Weekly Art: Found Poetry & Little Cities Graphics Creator

Hello everyone! I'm back from a very long vacation this summer. We went to Europe to spend some time with my husband's family and friends and it was great. Super relaxing and fun. I'm glad to be home though. It was a long time to be away and seriously.... I missed my bed so much.

I didn't make any art while away but I've made up for it since then by joining in a bunch of art swaps. The set below is found poetry, one of my most favorite themes ever! It's ridiculous fun cutting out little bits of text to make up the silliest poems. Of course, you could go all serious with it but I like the weird poetry versions myself.

Found Poetry Artist Trading Cards


I recently finished my latest graphics set! Woo! So much work! This Little Cities Graphics Creator allows the designer to make their own little cities and populate them with people and greenery. Great for cards & invites, games, PODs, stickers and all of that. I really enjoyed making this. Honestly, I'm so not a building drawer in my personal time, but making little whimsical buildings and stores was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. I may make some whimsical houses and neighborhoods next time. Something to match this set.




 Happy summer and happy weekend to everyone! I hope it's been great so far!  :)




  • Lovely work Sal!

  • Thanks for a big 😄
    Your art is original and great.
    Happy weekend 🐝

  • I love these – especially the first one with the hair! Reminds me of my own unruly curls!

    Jean Marmo
  • Wow! These are amazing! Chrisx


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