Weekly Art 1: Happy Friday!

A chubby little unicorn

Hello everyone! It's nice to be back to blogging again with my PPF pals after a short break. You may have noticed that I changed my website completely and my blog too. Quite a bit of work but so much smoother and easier to use. I'm glad to be back to blogging and visiting with everyone.

Above is my ridiculously chubby unicorn drawn on my iPad using the Apple Pencil and wowza, do I ever love that thing. I use it with Procreate app and it's so fun and easy. Honestly... I've completely given up using my Wacom, except for image editing. I never thought that would happen. 


intuitive watercolor portraits in art journal

A quickie journal page this week using a couple of my 10 minute intuitive watercolor portraits. These little portraits are so easy and quick to make. I made a short tutorial / walk through on my blog earlier this week if you're interested. I love quickie art when I don't have much time but really want to squeeze in a journal page or two. And where would we all be without washi tape? Anyone else have an addiction?


pencil sketched florals with bright color pops

What started out as some random doodling while watching TV turned into a graphics set that I'm really please with! Again with the Apple Pencil! I was sketching some pretty flowers, playing around with the pencil settings and made these drawings which then turned into something else entirely when I started adding colours and patterned brushes to my doodles. I love organic art like that -- from a simple sketch to something you really like. 


pencil sketched florals with bright color pops

Happy Friday to everyone and happy weekend too. 



  • Welcome back. Missed you. These pieces are just stunning. I am in another watercolor class and have to be honest I just don’t like it at all. I am going to take a look at your link.

  • Wonderful, colourful work, so vibrant and full of energy. Tried to comment earlier today but it didn’t work. Happy PPF and have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  • You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful artwork Sal!
    Great to see you blogging again!
    Gorgeous artwork!
    Lots of LOVE and light for you!
    Happy weekend!

    Susi xxx

  • Lovely work! The first piece gave me a happy chuckle.

  • You have made wonders with your paintings and doodlings using new technology! Great👏 Happy PPF 😃


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