Yay 2021! It's a new work year!

Ok, I don't mean to sound overly excited for a new work year but I am. Truly. Usually after the Christmas holidays, it takes me a little while to get back to work mode but this year is different. For one, I spent most of the holidays on a super fun designing binge and two, as a result, sales have increased in all of my stores. Well... except CreativeMarket. But you can't win them all! I'm happy.

Last year in the fall, I decided I would diversify my stock products. I had occasionally released the odd watercolor graphic set here and there and I really enjoyed doing that but sales were never THAT great. I made a modest income and it was enough to pay some bills and buy art supplies (you can never have enough, yes?). But once I started adding in different graphic types - like SVGs and sublimation files, sales started to increase for me. And so I created more and sales increased more. It's been a happy realization that I can put more emphasis on creating these sorts of graphics and make a decent living at it. It took me a while to realize that but here we are. New sales goals for 2021 made and are ready to be met. Wish me luck!


Vintage Trucks Freebie SVG

Sneak peak at one of my upcoming freebies!


 I'm preparing a few freebies for you all right now for the new year and am working on adding new products to this store and my other marketplaces too. I'll send out my new year email this week and hope that you will come and see all of the new sets in my store! And grab the freebies!



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  • I’m really pleased for you, Sal – it’s a wonderful thing to be supporting yourself with what you love to do. Congratulations!!!

    Win Dinn

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