Classic Horror Artist Trading Cards + Magic Stuff!

You are magic.

Above is a fun bit of mixed media art though I’m not sure if it’s finished or not. I thought I might paint the background since it seems like so much white. Too much white. I’ll have to weigh the work involved with my laziness level this weekend. I’m not sure which one will win. I saw the quote somewhere online but I don’t know who wrote it and Google didn’t bring any author joy. I like it! Once in a while I feel magic, figuratively, LOL.

Classic Horror Monsters

I had so much fun working on this set of classic horror cards today. I’ve drawn and painted these characters so many times so it was a joy to find someone who had them on their trading list. Lucky me to get to draw and paint them again. These ATCs are watercolour with marker over top. I loved the show Penny Dreadful with the classic horror monsters, mostly especially John Clare (aka Frankenstein’s monster). He was such a brilliant character on that show, a poet in a monster’s skin. I was sad to see it go from my TV screen. My Frankenstein monster looks nothing like him but I’d hope he has the poet’s soul of John Clare.

Hope you all have a great weekend and week to come! Happy arting 🙂

Snow plows… and art too

Picasso inspired Artist Trading Cards

I love Picasso. Not all of his art but I do love his crazy surrealism with bold and vibrant colours. Love that stuff! I saw a Picasso inspired swap open on so I had to join. And these are my artist trading cards for the swap. These were done with markers though. Acrylic paint takes far too long for me but the markers worked out well I think. Really had fun with this set. And I love the Picasso boobs. It’s like a half melon on the chest.

On a less happy note… I live in Canada and it obviously snows a lot here, at least where I live. And today I was helping to shovel our driveway. We were down to the last couple of shovel fulls and the snow plow came. Anyone who knows about snow dreads the snow plow guy coming when they are shovelling. Seriously. We had already cleaned one massive snow plow dump and he shows up again! And he was smiling too. ARGH! Now it could have been a sheepish sympathy smile (probably was) but I did not like him in that moment so I’m thinking it was a “HA HA, you snow losers” smirk. Minor work out for the day done!

Please look away if swearing is going to upset you! 

I know the art below is a bit rude for some of you. But I think sometimes a good swear word really works to ease some stress and I like to add them occasionally to my artwork. Ok, in real life I am a swear bear. I admit it. I do swear a fair amount.

Fuck no smokers


Butterflies & Tomatoes

Butterfly Girl

The weather is pretty weird lately. I’m in Canada and normally at this time of the year, it’s starting to chill quite a bit. But this year we had a crazy warm hot spell at the end of September and my tomato plants have re-blossomed! It’s way too late in the season for them to develop into fruit but it was a valiant effort. Makes me sad too – hot weather this late in the year. On the brighter side, my fall gardening is mostly done now. I only have to rake… like 50 times. I am surrounded by trees.

Above is a mixed media piece from my new art journal. I was feeling the warm autumn colours and wanted to go with something cheerful and fun before the snow starts. Winter is coming. OMG. I had to say that. It’s my GoT addiction showing. I’ll work on a few snow ladies soon. I’m ready for the white stuff to appear!

I’m going to have a whole new set of prints soon for my art store. And a new batch of original ACEOs and probably some postcard sized art too. I’ll be uploading and announcing some sales over the coming month or two!

Soooooo exciting!!! New ACEOs for sale

This oddball little mixed media guy is one of the new ACEOs I made for my Etsy art shop. He’s very excited about something but I’m not sure what. Maybe his upcoming coronation for the Kingdom of Lowbrowville or maybe he’s a fantasy foodie freaking out about the latest animal parts burger (that would be my son). I only wish I could get this excited about something; so excited that my face is bursting and I can’t hold it in any longer. Kids do it all the time but we adults tend to be more calm about fun things don’t we? There are exceptions though, like my husband. He really has faces like this at Christmas and on his birthday. It’s ridiculously funny.

It’s Friday tomorrow which means it’s pub night! Woo! Sadly, I can’t have beer right now due to the carb content but I think I can content myself with a vodka and soda with a slice of lime. The things we have to do to be healthy.


Enjoy your weekend!


Opened a new Etsy Store!

vintage robots in acrylic

I opened a new Etsy Store! I’m excited! I used to have an art store on Etsy but I stopped selling any art there ages ago. My shop felt old and sad and I disliked the name (I had already changed it once) so I closed it down a while back. My other Etsy shop (I sell graphics and illustrations to creatives) has always been my main focus but I had the hankering to sell some other types of art, and sell it under my own name instead of some weird made up art name. I  wanted somewhere fresh and new where I could sell some prints (like the robots above), ACEOs and some of the original art I have laying around here. Because what am I going to do with it? I’m always painting things but who wants to hang their own art everywhere? I have a few pieces hanging up but I like to hang art by other people and most of my wall space is devoted to my art faves. This is one of my art walls.


If you’re on Etsy and have a few minutes, please go by and say hello! My stats are truly dismal, lol. I think I had three whole visitors today. WIN! I know I shouldn’t complain since I only just opened today but I think it will take me a while to get this store going. I don’t have much there yet but I’m going to fill it up over the next week or two as I find all of my prints and paintings. There’s a lot laying around here in odd places.

I have made a few art bits recently. Here are some ATCs, one of these I traded to the lovely Denthe for some gorgeous and wonderful artwork from her (below). Lucky me!


Artist Trading Cards wonder Woman


Denthe’s beautiful art.

Happy weekend! Happy PPF 🙂