Life Book 2017 Art

It’s been a few weeks since I posted art but I’ve been busy behind the scenes! So many new projects, new work and lots of fun in a year long workshop I signed up for, Life Book 2017 (pretty late, I know!). I’m loving it! I’m not at all used to this sort of workshop with all of the positive art talk. Most of my teachers have been the critical sort, LOL. And don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciated that approach since it made it easier for me to see my mistakes and learn from them. But I have to say, all of the love stuff is totally cool too. I can get into it!

Above is a whimsical girl, way outside of my style norm! But it was a lot of fun creating something in this cute style. And I love to say YES to things so we match. This lesson was by Tamara Laporte and it was lots of fun. Some interesting techniques and I’m happy with the result.

Below are my lessons with Effy Wild (branches up, roots down) and Leliani Joy (different art styles). I loved both of these lessons so much and am happy with how they turned out.



29 Faces and diners

It’s time for 29 Faces again! Woo! I always love this one… not that I get far, but faces are just fun, right? I think I made it to 29 faces a few years back, and my fingers are primed to reach for that goal again this year.  I’m going to try a few styles for this set of art and see where things go. As you can see, I’ve gone completely different for my first two. It will keep things interesting!

Below is a journal page for the Journal52 group. This week’s prompt was listen and I went more with conversation, which also includes listening skills (for most of us… except my very talkative mother – still love her!). I’ve always liked diner counters but you don’t see a lot of them anymore, except in movies. It was my favourite spot to sit as a kid but they’re pretty rare in coffee shops now. Sadly.

SL Scheibe Art Journal - In the diner

I also did the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge for January and I’m counting that challenge met too. Ok, I only did 22 actual paintings but they were all 5″ x 7″ or more, plus I painted tons of watercolor sheets for work so they count. I figure it all adds up to 30! Here’s the big image of all of them, except the work stuff.

30 Paintings in 30 Days

I have to get all of the art challenges out of the way before March since Mass Effect Andromeda comes out then. I will be glued to my computer, hopefully fake romancing some hot alien and saving humanity.

Happy PPF!

Ticks and summer art

Here’s some art from my summer journal, actually my watercolor journal. It’s already October and I only have four sketches in it. Summer is over! And I’m probably the odd one out but I’m happy about it. I don’t do well in the heat. I’m a total melter and much prefer the cool days of Autumn and Spring. I even love winter (until March).

This summer I was bit by a tick and ended up with Lyme Disease. I walking around at the cottage hunting for Pokemon and of course it was insanely hot and I didn’t wear jeans because sweat. I was bit! I never did see the tick but I saw a big red patch on my skin that I ignored for a while. I thought it might have been an ant or bee sting. But it didn’t go away and it got bigger and bigger. My doctor thought it might be contact dermatitis but the steroid creams she prescribed did nothing. I could see a red ring around the rash and I suggested a Lyme Disease test but my doctor looked at me like I was a bit crazy. Apparently, only 700 cases were confirmed in Canada last year so I can understand her skepticism. But the red ring rash combined with cottage walking made me nervous and I’m glad I pushed it because the test came back as positive. Luckily, it was early for me and I had four weeks of antibiotics and all turned out well. I never felt sick, I just had a huge rash. So public service announcement for cottage country – be careful! Those ticks are definitely here.


The Great Rebellion: Bunny Rising

Ok…. so I don’t know what my bunny page is about really. It started as a doodle in my sketchbook and I thought, “Ohhhh! Cool! I’ll paint that.” And when I was done the painting, I wondered what the heck I had just painted. But I am happy to have painted rebel bunnies and weird bird humans. It’s something to cross off of the “Things to Paint List.”  Unlike the Great Bunny Rebellion, I really did have a plan in mind for the lady below holding her head. She’s based on a prompt from Journal52 (Off With Their Head!). I’d like to think that if my head was ever removed, I’d blow out puffy clouds of goldfish and butterflies.

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

Sunrise and Sunset, mixed media style

I have finally finished my summer art journal. Joy, bliss & glee! I filled out the entire journal and it was a great goal to reach. I’ve been making my own journals lately since I don’t like filling out 100 page spiral bound notebooks. They’re too big and I’m far too lazy… or overwhelmed. Probably both. I make my own 20 page journals and it’s so much easier to theme them, and then finish them. So yay, a summer art goal reached!

Experiments in art

Continuing on with my lazy and indulgent, barely-working summer, I’m still in art journal art mode. Yay! The lady at left was created for either prompt: Holding On or Letting Go. I went with both. Might as well complicate things when you can! 🙂

The page at top right was made with a new local art journal group. It’s really fun to create art with people and ever since I stopped the weekly life drawing group, I’ve really missed being around other artistic people. At the last journal meeting, we tried Gesso Overpainting (I don’t know if that needs capitalizing like it’s a real thing) and it was pretty cool. I’m not sure what I made! It’s a shape with blobs and fangs and could possibly be people in weird positions?! Maybe? But I could see this technique being used for something much cooler. I’ll add it to the journal list of things to try again!

I started yet another journal – this is number four. It’s getting ridiculous. My art journal addiction is strong. This one has a focus on interesting portraits. I think I paint way too many pretty girls in journals and in general so this book will be different. My reference for this painting was one of the old vintage mugshots found online. I think this man committed a crime in 1924. I don’t know what it was but I hope he was a bootlegger. Maybe he needs a backstory added to this page. Rum runner…

Happy PPF. I hope to win the lottery this weekend, wish me luck!

Professional dreamer, lazy summer worker

This summer has seen me working very little and actively trying to avoid work. I went on holiday and came back far too relaxed and it’s not wearing off! Then again, the work that I have to do is sort of mind numbing. I create graphics for designers and creatives to use in commercial art – that’s the fun part. I love to paint things up. The mind numbing part is editing all of those graphics to make them into nice digital files. I have pages and pages of pretty watercolors, all waiting for a clean and edit. And in order to avoid this sort of eye burning work, I’ve been making many art journal pages. It’s a nice change of course – I get to keep this art!

Above are a couple of pages from my summer art journal. The antler lady is a mixed media / acrylic. I actually used some of my own graphic files in this one, LOL. All of the flowers are from my watercolor graphic sets. The entwined ladies on the right are in colored pencil over a mixed media background (quote is from Tom Robbins).




I’ve been on a roll with journal art for the past week or two. I really hope it lasts, at least long enough to finish this short journal, lol. This is another spread for the Journal52 prompts (here are skulls and stitched themes). They’ve been really helpful since I am totally not a word journaller and sometimes look at a blank page for ages before I decide what to actually paint. The prompts help.

It’s been really nice to be off of work too. Once I came back from vacation, I decided to take some time to make art for me. I tried to jump right back into work but it just wasn’t working. LOL. And I so rarely take any time off. It’s always work, work, work. And I love my work (since I get to paint and draw for that too) but sometimes… you know..  Anyway, the quiet time only last until August 1. One more glorious weekend of freedom! I will drink beer to celebrate.

Art journals pages, again!

Here’s the latest page from my new summer art journal. It’s a double spread with a double theme. I’ve been following prompts from Journal52 and have covered Mirth here as well as Emulate (art in the style of Joe Sorren). Lots of fun with this one! And here’s another page with the theme of Seed. Acrylic painting with scrapbook paper flowers.