Game Art: My Life with Master

My Life with Master Art

I love to play RPGs with friends, either in person or online. We have a lot of fun creating ridiculous stories to go with weird characters and the strange things they do. I recently played an indie RPG called My Life with Master. All players are minions and the game master is the evil overlord. This art is based on our characters in that game. I was so inspired by the craziness of our story that I wanted to bring them all to life. My character was the angry red head on the right who could read minds, but only for three seconds at a time. Ridiculous and fun. The character below was an NPC from the story we created.

My Life with Master Game Art

Have a happy weekend and a long one if you’re in Canada! 🙂

Empathy Monsters with real feelings

Empathy Monsters Art

I’m still on the Life Book 2017 thing! Surprisingly, since usually after about 3 or 4 weeks of a workshop, I move on to something else. Above are a set of empathy monsters meant to be sent to a swap partner to give them positive messages. It’s a cute idea. I made one for myself and one was sent to Texas. I haven’t received mine yet but I’m looking forward to it! Life Book is filled with lots of art therapy type of lessons and to be honest, I’m beginning to find it a bit overwhelming. I’m more of a “show me the technique” type of learner than I am a “feelings” type of learner though I can see why the program is so appealing for so many. It’s very positive. I just like the nitty gritty.  How do you like to learn? Are you art therapy or art techniques or both? Or something else?

Below is art from my sketchbook, a challenge from my 11 year old daughter. She asked if I could draw a lazy, fat cat with a t-shirt on and the t-shirt had to have cat puns on it. Challenge met!

Instagram user? Please let me know your instagram name! I know I follow a few of you already but I love to see daily art and I love instagram. You can find me as SLSLines.


The cat's meow!

Sky space hair and sloths… in watercolor!

Girl with space and sky hair

I’m still playing around in my new Strathmore journal and loving it. I love that I can go pencil, watercolors, collage and paint all in the same journal on a nice quality, thick paper. So good! Above is the space and sky Mucha hair girl. I’ve been seeing a lot of sky or space hair lately and I wanted to give it a whirl. It was fun but honestly, it took me ages to paint in between all of the hair bits, lol. I usually enjoy a quick approach to art.

If sloths could talk, this is what they would say

Above are another couple of pages. If sloths could talk, I think this is what they would say.

Forest King in his natural habitat

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you!

Watercolor illustrations & mixed media

Pencil and watercolor flower garden

I’ve really been enjoying mixed media art over the past couple of weeks. I signed up (super late, I know) for Life Book 2017 a week or two back and all of the wonderful videos have totally inspired me to get working on new canvas art. I’ll be posting a lot more soon! I also bought a smaller 5.5″ x 8″ mixed media sketchbook from Strathmore and wow, do I ever love this thing! It’s a softcover book so really easy to bend back the cover for double page spreads and the paper is high quality and thick. I love it. I’ve been working in it for the past couple of nights, having lots of watercolor and mixed media fun.

pencil and watercolor illustrations

Anyone else in Life Book 2017? It’s my first time taking an online course like this and all of the woo is a little weird for me but it’s such a positive experience and I’m really enjoying it. I wish the course was in person though. It’s much more fun to create in a group with art friends, right? If you’re in my local area, let me know! I’m in K-W. Maybe we can art together 🙂


Opened a new Etsy Store!

vintage robots in acrylic

I opened a new Etsy Store! I’m excited! I used to have an art store on Etsy but I stopped selling any art there ages ago. My shop felt old and sad and I disliked the name (I had already changed it once) so I closed it down a while back. My other Etsy shop (I sell graphics and illustrations to creatives) has always been my main focus but I had the hankering to sell some other types of art, and sell it under my own name instead of some weird made up art name. I  wanted somewhere fresh and new where I could sell some prints (like the robots above), ACEOs and some of the original art I have laying around here. Because what am I going to do with it? I’m always painting things but who wants to hang their own art everywhere? I have a few pieces hanging up but I like to hang art by other people and most of my wall space is devoted to my art faves. This is one of my art walls.


If you’re on Etsy and have a few minutes, please go by and say hello! My stats are truly dismal, lol. I think I had three whole visitors today. WIN! I know I shouldn’t complain since I only just opened today but I think it will take me a while to get this store going. I don’t have much there yet but I’m going to fill it up over the next week or two as I find all of my prints and paintings. There’s a lot laying around here in odd places.

I have made a few art bits recently. Here are some ATCs, one of these I traded to the lovely Denthe for some gorgeous and wonderful artwork from her (below). Lucky me!


Artist Trading Cards wonder Woman


Denthe’s beautiful art.

Happy weekend! Happy PPF 🙂




New digital stamps and a few ATCs + WOYWW

Here are a few ATCs I made last week for a portrait swap in the style of your favorite artist. I have TONS of fave artists so I went with Egon Schiele, Joe Sorren, Dave Kinsey and Klimt. These are mostly in markers and colored pencils. These were made for a swap on, my favorite card trading place.

Below are a bunch of new digital stamps that I just added to my Etsy store. A curvy mermaid, a sexy witch for Halloween plus a few cats and a whimsical toy robot because robots are awesome. I’m working on a few silly and dark stamps this week. I just can’t make fairies and mermaids all the time even though that’s what many people seem to want. I have to make something utterly ridiculous and gross now and then to feel right. Thankfully, there are plenty of card makers and digistamp users out there who like the ridiculous and the dark more than the cute and the fluffy. YAY!


Here’s what’s on my desk today. It’s a mess of Copics, pencils, old tea bags and a dirty spoon, some art cards I’m working on as well as various bits of stuff. Same old mess! At least the dirty tissues didn’t make it into the photo.

A WIP and a few stamps

Here’s an illustration that I’m working on over the next few days, a pretty nature goddess. I’m still working out the composition and colors so things are likely to change. It’s a WIP. I still have no idea what she’s going to be holding in her hands! Flower maybe? An earth?

At left is a quickie portrait from a recent life drawing session. This model is one of my favorites. She has such a wonderful profile and I always try to find a spot to her side so I can draw her nose. Plus she’s a fabulous model, always spot on with the poses. She reminds me of a master drawing (the one at right is from way back, an ATC in watercolor).

Happy PPF!

Halloween Digital Stamps

I added quite a few new stamps to my Etsy store today since I noticed people are already searching for Halloween items. And who can blame them? Halloween is the BEST time of the year! My favorite holiday season. So here’s a bunch of darker style stamps to start off the fun season. Ok… one caveat… these stamps come from older lineart I had so they’re not exactly new. But they’re new to you and that’s what counts! Woo! The “Party of Evil” is my personal fave (at right).

I have an upcoming set of brand sparkly new Halloween stamps that will be released on the Design Team Challenge Blog on September 22. Woo! Some cute, some scary, some inbetween. Those will be available on Etsy on Sept. 22.

Below are a set of Zombie Tarot ATCs for a swap I’m in on a trading website. I’m not at all into Tarot cards but I am into zombies. It’s still a good combination. Eventually, when the swap is completed, I will have an entire set of Tarot cards featuring ugly zombies from a whole bunch of different artists. That’s pretty awesome. Maybe I’ll learn how to use Tarot cards one day.

Sorry for the gore! Couldn’t help myself. Back next week 🙂

Zentangley Fashion Pop Art

Zentangley Fashion Pop Art is a whopper of a title but that’s what this is really, a zentangle lady in pop art style with a fashion edge. Works for me! And it took fooooorrreeevvvverrrr to complete. Drawing the girl was easy, making lineart for that zentangled hair was a monster job. I’ll probably make only a few of these ones! She’s available in my Etsy store now.

It’s zombie time now I think, gearing up for Halloween and zombie walks. Next stamps are horrible, gross and dark, I promise.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It feels good to be back posting again! And even better–it’s almost time for school! My favorite TV commercial is for Stapes office supply stores. They have an ad with parents dancing in the store aisles picking up school supplies with, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” playing in the background. That’s totally me. One daughter went to camp for a couple of weeks and the other was busy with work and her horse but when you work at home, summers can be hectic and unproductive work-wise.

Here’s the lovely little nature fairy digital stamp I started yesterday. She’s all complete and in my Etsy store now. I had actually sketched this one out during a life drawing session this summer but she sat in my sketchbook waiting. Sadly I have tons like that, all waiting for the line art to be completed. If only drawing the lines was a little more fun. I love the sketching part best I have to admit. I could never be an inker.

Below are a few images from a recent life drawing session. I used a pencil which was strangely weird since I never use a pencil, mostly colored pencils or a pen. I had to get used to it again! It’s sort of like handwriting. If you use a computer all day for years, your handwriting skills tend to go funny.