The annoyed look

I think I’ve felt like this girl looks most of the week. It was a really busy long weekend that just passed and my husband and I took a day off of work as well (visitors) so I’ve felt behind and not on track. You see, fall is my busy time. I plan out the new graphic sets I’ll be working on, I get my stores in order and I seem to have the most illustration inquiries and projects around this time too. I have a long list in my notebook and hardly anything is crossed off! Plus I haven’t had a lot of time for personal art either. This folded arm art was finished last night after I went out for a drink. Maybe that’s why my lines are a bit wobbly, LOL. I haven’t had a chance to post recently but I have been busy making lots of graphic and journal sets. I’m almost ready to release a batch of new stuff! Yay! That always feels good. Next week I hope, when my entire week is my own.

This weekend we’re off to the symphony. Mozart and Dvořák. WOO! Looking forward to this one. I used to have subscription tickets and don’t anymore so it’s been a sad while for the symphony and me. But I did spy on the calendar that my local symphony is doing Beethoven’s 9th in the spring. Oh JOY! That’s on my list now too. I saw the 9th with the Toronto Symphony a few years back and it was so beautiful. Actually, maybe I will paint Beethoven in my new art journal. Brilliant but grumpy. It’s a good look for composers.






Butterflies & Tomatoes

Butterfly Girl

The weather is pretty weird lately. I’m in Canada and normally at this time of the year, it’s starting to chill quite a bit. But this year we had a crazy warm hot spell at the end of September and my tomato plants have re-blossomed! It’s way too late in the season for them to develop into fruit but it was a valiant effort. Makes me sad too – hot weather this late in the year. On the brighter side, my fall gardening is mostly done now. I only have to rake… like 50 times. I am surrounded by trees.

Above is a mixed media piece from my new art journal. I was feeling the warm autumn colours and wanted to go with something cheerful and fun before the snow starts. Winter is coming. OMG. I had to say that. It’s my GoT addiction showing. I’ll work on a few snow ladies soon. I’m ready for the white stuff to appear!

I’m going to have a whole new set of prints soon for my art store. And a new batch of original ACEOs and probably some postcard sized art too. I’ll be uploading and announcing some sales over the coming month or two!

Yet another new journal

Starry Hair

I have an addiction to new sketchbooks. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before on this blog. It’s hard for me to pass by the paper shelves in an art store without flipping through the sketchbooks and touching the papers to see how smooth they’d be for paint or pencil. I just went in to buy picture hooks, I swear!! But on Tuesday, I came out of the art store with yet another mixed media soft cover journal. And I’ve been on a major painting roll since then. Coincidence? I think not. It’s a large Strathmore Mixed Media journal and I love the thing. Super paper for messy art makers and the soft cover makes for some easily bendable pages. All of these ladies are in the new art journal and I’ve decided to fill it all with different mixed media portraits. There’s more art actually. But I didn’t want to plaster the portraits all in one blog post. I’m positive I’ll be totally art burned out by next week so I’ll save them for a blog post then. LOL.

I bought a new scanner this week and I want to recommend it to my artist friends. It’s an Epson V370 and WOW – do I ever love this thing! It’s so amazingly clear and it scans my artwork a gazillion times better than my old Canon LIDE (which did me well for years but has slowly died). What I especially like is that it picks up ALL of the colour. My old scanner would totally skimp out on the pinks and the yellows, and purples too. I often had to heavily edit in Photoshop to get my scanned art to look like the original art. But now I don’t have to. Yay! This Epson scans the art and the scan looks just like the art. It’s brilliant.

I’m still blogging along with Effy this month though I’m clearly slacking. Work gets in the way, and painting in new journals too! Happy weekend everyone.

Frida, always fun to paint

Frida Kahlo painting

Today is super hot in Canada. REALLY hot. OK… maybe not Texas hot or Florida hot, but for this melting and sweaty Canadian, it’s super HOT. Our humidex is sitting at 40 degrees and I only ventured outside at 8 am to go have breakfast with my family. Once inside again in the safety of my glorious AC, I got my art on a bit and managed to pull off two LifeBook 2017 lesson for the day. Go AC! This lesson was by Tamara Laporte on being wild and free, hence Frida. I absolutely LOVE to paint Frida. She was a glorious woman and I love her art. Truly love her. Working on this LifeBook lesson was easy-peasy and lots of fun. Of course my Frida is smoking and drinking because I’m pretty sure she liked to do both of those things.

Also had tons of fun working on the Be Bold lesson.  If I’m doing marker art, I almost always do a pencil drawing first so winging it and diving in with the fat markers right away was great for loosening up. Loved it. I might do this as an exercise now and then. Very enjoyable.


Marker Art

Book lovers and goblins get friendly

I don’t think I’ve posted the mixed media lady above already. Maybe I have!? Anyway, it’s a piece from this summer in watercolour, coloured pencils and whatever else I had on my desk at the time. If anyone wants it, send me a note and it’s yours! Don’t be shy. It’s still freebie month and I haven’t had time to sort out the free art doll templates I promised. It’s been such a crazy, busy work week for me and I have so many art pieces to make this weekend. The callus on my middle finger is actually hurting. Artists can have work related injuries! LOL.

What I’m working on 

I’m still working on lots of game art and have some ugly goblins and orcs on the go. I love drawing the ugly stuff, especially this close to Halloween. Ok…. it’s not that close, I know, but we’re getting there and anyone who knows me well, knows it’s my favourite holiday of the year. I so want to dress up this year but I don’t really have anywhere to go! I’m past the Halloween party age so I’m basically limited to dressing up and handing out candy on the 31st. The thing is, I think my ugly female Darth Maul might terrify the younger kids who come to my door. I might have to rethink this.

I’m also working on some bookmarks to swap with art friends over on I thought a set of book lovers loving books would be fun to make. I’ll finish them up this weekend with some colourful watercolours and back them with a sturdy cardstock.


October Mash Up!

I love October for both Inktober and for Drawlloween! So much fun for artists. For Inktober, the idea is to draw one prompt each day in pen and ink. For Drawlloween, you also draw a (Halloween inspired) daily prompt but in any medium. It’s pretty hard to finish one of these daily drawing months in full, let alone two, so I’m going for a mash-up. I might try combining the daily prompts in pen and ink.  Works for me! Hope some of you will jump in and join us. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to complete this every day but it’s fun to dive in when I can.

October 2017 Drawing Prompts

This month, I’m blogging along with Effy. Join us!

Green alien erotica

I’ve created a lot of art over the years; probably a few thousand pieces if we’re counting Artist Trading Cards in that number. And most of it speaks to me for sure although some of the odd trade requests over the years have made me question my art sanity. I think I’ve been asked to draw everything from the rather tame “please draw my dog, Rusty” to utter weirdness like “I would love for you to draw me green alien erotica under two setting suns.” And I comply! I love a challenge! I make my own odd requests sometimes too. Right now I’m collecting different artist interpretations of John Singer Sargent’s Madame X painting. I can be difficult too. Drawing ridiculous things takes me out of my comfort zone and I learn new art things.  Bonus! I never agree to draw anything I’m not comfortable drawing, just so you know. But the art that speaks most to me, that’s autobiographical in a way, is the art I sloved over (slogged and loved combo; it’s a word for sure). The pair above, although creepy to some, really speak to me. I love dark things like gothic novels, the big seedy city at night, hot romantic vampires and The Cure. I don’t at all like violence or harm or evil things, just the rebellious and slightly dark edge some people and places have. And the art I slove over always tends toward the slightly dark, like Lord Midnight and his Voodoo Queen above. I’m a middle aged suburban woman so there’s nothing much gothic about me anymore (the painting below is no longer me, LOL). My black nail polish days are long behind me. But that dark edge always peeks out through my most loved art, the art I enjoy making the most.


I’m blogging along with Effy this month. Join us! I’m not able to blog every day so I’m picking and choosing the good days. It all works.

PS. If you want to do an ATC trade, let me know in a comment or via my contact form. Always up for a new trade with new artists! I will draw almost anything, lol!

Empathy Monsters with real feelings

Empathy Monsters Art

I’m still on the Life Book 2017 thing! Surprisingly, since usually after about 3 or 4 weeks of a workshop, I move on to something else. Above are a set of empathy monsters meant to be sent to a swap partner to give them positive messages. It’s a cute idea. I made one for myself and one was sent to Texas. I haven’t received mine yet but I’m looking forward to it! Life Book is filled with lots of art therapy type of lessons and to be honest, I’m beginning to find it a bit overwhelming. I’m more of a “show me the technique” type of learner than I am a “feelings” type of learner though I can see why the program is so appealing for so many. It’s very positive. I just like the nitty gritty.  How do you like to learn? Are you art therapy or art techniques or both? Or something else?

Below is art from my sketchbook, a challenge from my 11 year old daughter. She asked if I could draw a lazy, fat cat with a t-shirt on and the t-shirt had to have cat puns on it. Challenge met!

Instagram user? Please let me know your instagram name! I know I follow a few of you already but I love to see daily art and I love instagram. You can find me as SLSLines.


The cat's meow!

A bad art bonfire happened

Bad Art Bonfire

I recently signed up for Lifebook 2017 and have been working my way through the weekly lessons and found one that really floats my boat. The idea is to write out negative words about yourself and then burn that piece of paper and use the ash/gel medium mixture in a piece of art. I didn’t want to write more negative thoughts so I decided to burn some bad art. I have a lot of it. Mine I mean! So many ugly sketches, misshapen bodies from life drawing and half done trading cards, LOL. I could literally start a big bonfire with my shoddy offerings to the art gods. But I went small and only burned a couple of drawings in a bowl in my kitchen sink. Even that was enough to have me waving my arms around trying to dispel the ridiculous amount of smoke. If you do this art exercise, go outside!!

Another week’s work below, whimsical owls. I’m not big on drawing quirky critters but these are ok.

Quirky Owls Lifebook 2017

Sky space hair and sloths… in watercolor!

Girl with space and sky hair

I’m still playing around in my new Strathmore journal and loving it. I love that I can go pencil, watercolors, collage and paint all in the same journal on a nice quality, thick paper. So good! Above is the space and sky Mucha hair girl. I’ve been seeing a lot of sky or space hair lately and I wanted to give it a whirl. It was fun but honestly, it took me ages to paint in between all of the hair bits, lol. I usually enjoy a quick approach to art.

If sloths could talk, this is what they would say

Above are another couple of pages. If sloths could talk, I think this is what they would say.

Forest King in his natural habitat

Happy weekend everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you!

Watercolor illustrations & mixed media

Pencil and watercolor flower garden

I’ve really been enjoying mixed media art over the past couple of weeks. I signed up (super late, I know) for Life Book 2017 a week or two back and all of the wonderful videos have totally inspired me to get working on new canvas art. I’ll be posting a lot more soon! I also bought a smaller 5.5″ x 8″ mixed media sketchbook from Strathmore and wow, do I ever love this thing! It’s a softcover book so really easy to bend back the cover for double page spreads and the paper is high quality and thick. I love it. I’ve been working in it for the past couple of nights, having lots of watercolor and mixed media fun.

pencil and watercolor illustrations

Anyone else in Life Book 2017? It’s my first time taking an online course like this and all of the woo is a little weird for me but it’s such a positive experience and I’m really enjoying it. I wish the course was in person though. It’s much more fun to create in a group with art friends, right? If you’re in my local area, let me know! I’m in K-W. Maybe we can art together 🙂