Mixed Media Flower Pot Hat

Here’s a painting I did today for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days. It’s acrylic / mixed media on illustration board. I’ll probably stick it in my Etsy shop after a coat of varnish. I think I threw everything in this one except the kitchen sink. There’s newspaper, dictionary pages, scrapbooking paper, cut outs of my digitally painted flowers, collage sheet flowers, lace doillies…. and paint! Oh, and marker and gel pens. This one is almost an 8 x 10. She’s sort of scary. That wasn’t intentional. Maybe I was feeling sour today.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to manage the complete 30 paintings in 30 days as I also have to do my regular work during the day and I find traditional painting to be much more intensive than drawing or even  digital painting. I’ll see how it goes. I might end up with only 20… or even 10 🙂


Presents! Firefly & Calaveras!

Hope everyone had a super holiday time and is still having one! I’m off til next week and plan on getting caught up on art projects. Most of my free time lately has been spent making Christmas presents. And it’s finally over! At left is a Firefly clock (which I really wanted to keep and hang in my game room!), a Calavera girl box for treasures and a pencil holder box made of grumpy cats. So much fun making these presents which all went to family members. I made many more things but they’ll take over my blog for the next couple of weeks if I show them all.

Mixed Media Ladies & Crazy Hats

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve reorganized one of the online workshops I presented for ArtTrader Magazine a couple of years ago – Mixed Media Goth Girls. I’ve taken out some content and added in some new art and the new workshop will be available to start on January 6th, 2014. Registration is now open! The pretty pink lady on the top left is part of the workshop and a full listing of program content is available on the workshops page.  There are 5 videos and a 30+ page workbook so lots of fun content!

Yesterday I finally managed to scan two paintings that have been sitting around for ages! They’re pretty big and I couldn’t get them scanned properly, even in pieces. I had tried numerous times. But I persevered and finally managed to piece them together in Photoshop… it took a long time. It’s my mixed media Voodoo King and Queen from a couple of years ago. I thought I might do an online series of big hats, not necessarily voodoo hats, just big mixed media hats. I think that would be a fun workshop. Either that or Calavera girls – perhaps both! One of those themes (or both) are coming in the new year.


Goth Girls Mixed Media Art Workshop: Coming soon!

I used to present online workshops for ArtTrader Magazine a couple of years ago. One of the programs that I presented was Mixed Media Goth Girls. It featured a 30 page workbook and about 7 streaming videos running the gamut from drawing simple to more complex goth girls, to hair and clothing through to creating mixed media and collaged canvases. I’m going to rework the content a little bit and add in a few things and then make it available on my blog here for a small fee.

The workshop will be available in a couple of weeks. Just an advance post!


Art Journal Pages

I haven’t kept an art journal for a while now. In fact, the last time I worked on this particular journal was in 2010. I bought an amazing Vincent Rossini book with super thick handmade paper and I love the thing. It’s a great journal and well made. After purchasing, I promptly filled in 5 or so pages and then shoved it on the art bookshelf for the next 3 years while I concentrated on work and other art projects. I pulled it out the other day since I’ve been visiting many blogs with a lot of journal art and they’ve inspired me to finish up this one. It’s a mixed media art journal and I thought I’d share the pages online too. I don’t really use text on my pages since I’m not a writer (clearly) and I don’t need to express myself with words or share my feelings. That’s not for me. But I sure do like to make pretty pictures and most often I sell them, trade them or make them for work and barely have any left for myself. A journal keeps them all in one spot and is something I can actually keep. Yay! Here are some pages, from 2010 and from this weekend too.

Paint Party Friday: An old WIP that needs help

Here is a half finished painting from over a year ago. It’s mixed media though right now it’s basically just torn up book pages with a painted lady (acrylic) over top. It was never finished and she has sat in my office/art room looking sad for ages. And now I have to finish the painting since my sister claimed it and I want to give it to her when (if) she comes in a few weeks for the holiday weekend.

Any suggestions? Text? Quotes? I was thinking of adding mixed media and/or painted flowers throughout her hair and then maybe a found poetry style quote in the blue area. Something like that. I don’t know if more text is a good idea though. Sometimes text ruins an otherwise decent painting.

This is my first Paint Party Friday post. I’m usually working on something or other so sounds like a good weekly group to join in on.