Pirates, Poses and a Mathematical Snowman

I drew some short, fat little pirates a few weeks back and made them into clip art which is now available in my Etsy store. I sold a set yesterday, woo! I love making clip art and digital stamps. I get to draw whatever geeky stuff I want and then, if I’m lucky, it sells. That’s a good deal. I have a set of funky robots on the go too.

We had a wonderful model yesterday in the life drawing session. Lots of super poses that were challenging to draw. I love when models know exactly how to pose and provide the artists with both a challenge and an attractive pose. I’m still using my new pen and it’s been good for me. I can’t erase it so I have to be more careful when I start out. It’s been a good exercise so far.

Above are a couple of ATCs made for various swaps. My frumpy little geisha and a mathematical snowman (don’t ask). Both are done in markers and ink. I picked up some nice marker fine liners. Love them so far. They’re the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and come in many different colors. I’ll be buying more!

ArtTrader’s latest issue comes out next week! Tons of amazing how-to articles so visit the site and grab a copy next week. It’s free.

Life Drawings & ACEO Prints

I bought a new sketchbook the other day since my last one was almost filled. I sort of have this weird fear of sketchbooks – they have so many blank pages! And I could mess them up with ugly drawings and paintings! So silly. But new sketchbooks are also a lot of fun and bring new hope that your art is going to keep getting better and better. Well, we hope so anyway, right? I bought this one to use for life drawings. I’m sick of drawing on 18 x 24″ paper. It’s so huge and storing the good ones is a problem. I use the quickies for wrapping paper, stuffing or for table protection detail but I do like to keep some of the nice ones. The only problem is, I have soooooo many of them. What do you do with big life drawings? Above are some of the drawings from today’s session in my new book. I’ve been on a pen kick lately. I’ll stick with it for a while. You can click for a bigger image.



Faces 4, 5 and 6!

Woo! I’m almost all caught up now. Instead of working all afternoon (oops), I painted some faces so now I’m done Face 4, 5 and 6. The one below is a digital painting. The above portraits are pencil with some drippy watercolor paints over top. They were just supposed to be colorful splotches but one mistaken drip later, I decided to go with it. I attempted another portrait with some old watercolor pencils I had laying around but it was truly horrific and I crushed it, then tore it up. That’s what you do with embarrassing art. Don’t let it live.


29 Faces: Face 3

I actually made a dark queen as face #3 today but I disliked her hair style so she’s back on the art table for more work. Instead, here’s a silly laughing face with lots of bright, happy colors. Makes me feel better about the crappy queen with the really bad hair.


29 Faces: Face 2

Here’s face two for the 29 Faces Challenge – a pretty steampunk lady. I think she solves mysteries or something. She has that steely, inquisitive look. I had to draw her tonight as I’m out all day Sunday and won’t have time to make a face. She’s a quickie sketch since I’ve had one too many beers (big family dinner!) to do much more than doodle but I’ll make her into lineart sometime next week.

For the next geek fest (aka FanExpo), I plan on making and wearing a steampunk costume. So many cool little pieces go into the costume and it would be great fun to design and create. Either that or I’ll go as a weeping angel from Doctor Who.  I can’t decide which one would be more fun though I think the angel has the edge for freaking people out.

A mini Voodoo King and lots of lineart

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks since I’ve been ridiculously busy with life and work. Some days just don’t have enough hours in them. It’s rotten luck when a crazy busy day falls on a day with short hours. Hate that. I’ve been doing a lot of lineart lately for my new store over at Etsy. I love drawing but I don’t always like coloring. It seems so time consuming so this is the best of both worlds for me. I can draw, I don’t have to color it…. and then I can sell it!

Really looking forward to the 29 Faces challenge next week! Hope to see lots of my blog friends participating. I’ll be checking everyone’s art out for the next month. Lots of fun. 🙂

Crazy Christmas Aunts Piled with Presents

Every year I like to sketch a crazy aunt who might drop by on Christmas day with her arms full of presents. This year, it’s my imaginary Aunt Helga with her striped leggings, multi-ringed fingers and bold opinions on online shopping and stuffing recipes. I wish I had lots of crazy aunts but I don’t. Sadly, I only have one real one and don’t get to see her often enough. So here is to crazy aunts everywhere. Long may they lighten the holidays and entertain us.

Below are a couple of drawings from today’s life drawing session. I really like the full body pose but I don’t think I captured enough of our model’s likeness in the portrait. Some days you’re a life drawing winner and some days you’re not. I think this was half a ‘not’ day. I’ll take it. Coloured pencil on kraft paper, as usual. Maybe next time I’ll try some pastels and live dangerously for a change.


A response to the snow

I normally love the snow and winter but today, it just seemed cold with a biting wind. After life drawing, I came home and painted a nice summer field of flowers to make up for the icy wind. And if I weren’t so afraid of bees and insects (and nature), I would love to stand in the field like this girl and wave my arms around too. Ok, maybe not.

I have done lots of art for presents this week and I can’t show any of it on my blog til the holiday season is over. I have no idea if anyone in my family reads my blog (hi Mom!) or not but best not spoil any surprises.

On the TV addiction front, I managed to blaze through 8 seasons of Supernatural while working these past couple of weeks. I draw or design on the computer and watch out of the corner of my eye on the iPad. It’s quite the day job. I think I’ll draw the many confused faces of Castiel next week. He makes me laugh.

Happy holiday weekend and PPF 🙂

Values, Color & Life Drawings

This week’s exercise for the Daily Drawing Group over at ATCsforAll.com was values so I took some time tonight to do a painting based on a vintage photo. I didn’t take it to a nice complete finish because I want to go finish watching Supernatural (recent convert!), but I did take some time to give the vintage lady a big blast of color…. and an awesome pink hat. This is what I love about painting digitally. I can take my painting, create a new layer, and then paint over top of it and make a brand new image. Below are pics of my WIPs. I often get questions and comments about digital painting so this will show you some of the process. It’s pretty much exactly the same way I paint traditionally. Messy blobs of values that eventually firm up into known shapes.

In today’s life drawing session, I concentrated on portraits for the longer poses. I had a decent drawing day so they turned out ok. I was happy. It’s a good day when you come home with a couple of decent drawings!


WIPs, Life & Little Bits

Unfortunately, I’m having one of those weeks where the things I draw REALLY aren’t matching the visions in my head. I know I’ll get these “imagined” paintings right at some point, but it won’t be this week! In the meantime, I fiddled about with a group of girls chatting away at a club (that you can’t see yet!). Maybe I’ll come back and finish it. For now (and maybe forever), it’s a WIP.  I like the color scheme though. I spent some time looking at the gorgeous palettes over at www.colorlovers.com and spied this one that reminded me of candy floss. I added in some browns for a bit more variation. If I don’t finish this painting, then I might take those same colors for another painting.

I made some decent drawings at the life drawing session today. This is one of them though I really have to remember to take my photos during the day, not at night when I want to post… even with the ugly yellow flash color distorting the image. Ah well. She still looks the same I figure.