Game character design with maps

Zombie Marie Antoinette and Frida

It’s been a busy week for me so I’m looking forward to hanging out and being mellow this weekend. Maybe get a little art journal time in there too, when I’m not lounging. I have some catching up to do with the multiple online courses I’m taking this year so I hope I can squeeze a bit of that in there too. And if the weather holds, it might be nice to go for a walk since a lot of snow has melted. It’s seriously difficult to walk in deep snow, LOL.

Above are some artist trading cards featuring the lovely zombified Marie Antoinette and Frida. These are both watercolours and ink and were lots of fun to make. I love character art the most.

And below is some game art I made for my husband for his current campaign in Apocalypse World. We play a lot of independent RPGs like Fiasco, Psi*Run, Monster of the Week, etc. I’m not involved in this particular game but I did get to do the art for all of the NPCs (non-player characters) as well as some maps. These are my first game maps and it might be an area I want to further develop. I used to love my big atlas as a kid and maps in particular so game map making really appeals to me. Any game art really.


Game Art: Characters and maps


Hope everyone has a super weekend!

Reading: Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive, #3) by Brandon Sanderson
Watching: Peaky Blinders! Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy are so good in this
Learning: About the moon in my new Moonshine art course with Effy Wild
Loving: Working on my new large watercolour series, so fun

Snow plows… and art too

Picasso inspired Artist Trading Cards

I love Picasso. Not all of his art but I do love his crazy surrealism with bold and vibrant colours. Love that stuff! I saw a Picasso inspired swap open on so I had to join. And these are my artist trading cards for the swap. These were done with markers though. Acrylic paint takes far too long for me but the markers worked out well I think. Really had fun with this set. And I love the Picasso boobs. It’s like a half melon on the chest.

On a less happy note… I live in Canada and it obviously snows a lot here, at least where I live. And today I was helping to shovel our driveway. We were down to the last couple of shovel fulls and the snow plow came. Anyone who knows about snow dreads the snow plow guy coming when they are shovelling. Seriously. We had already cleaned one massive snow plow dump and he shows up again! And he was smiling too. ARGH! Now it could have been a sheepish sympathy smile (probably was) but I did not like him in that moment so I’m thinking it was a “HA HA, you snow losers” smirk. Minor work out for the day done!

Please look away if swearing is going to upset you! 

I know the art below is a bit rude for some of you. But I think sometimes a good swear word really works to ease some stress and I like to add them occasionally to my artwork. Ok, in real life I am a swear bear. I admit it. I do swear a fair amount.

Fuck no smokers


Happy new year! Woo 2018!

Art Journal Moonshine 2018

Happy new year to all of my art friends! Hope it’s a wonderful year for everyone and we’re all very productive and successful with our artistic endeavors.

This year, I’ve signed up for a batch of online art courses. I was lucky enough to get the Art Bundle Bundle for Good this year and there are soooooo many wonderful workshops included that I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’ll work through those as I can. I’m also working my way through two year long programs, Book of Days 2018 with Effy Wild, and Moonshine 2018, also with Effy Wild. Both are focused on art journalling though BoD is more general art journal stuff and Moonshine has a witchy/pagan bent. They’re both looking amazing so far! I didn’t sign up for LifeBook this year. I did it last year (well, maybe a quarter of it) but with all of the other courses, I thought it might be too much. I still have to produce art to make a living and can’t spend all of my days on the super fun stuff! LOL. Above is the first journal spread for the new year, this one from Book of Days. My word for the year: ENERGY! Hope I can sustain it! I usually fade in February.

This January, I’m doing the Doodlewash Watercolour challenge! It’s 31 happy things to paint for the month of January. I’m a day behind already. Par for the course! But I’ll catch up tonight I hope. I usually do the 30 Paintings in 30 Days January challenge but that’s been postponed until February this year. Works for me! I can do it next.


Artist Trading Cards Catlady



Above are a few ATCs from various swaps and events over at, my favourite trading place. I think I might make some larger versions of the octopus Art Nouveau hair. So much fun.

I’m participating in Art Journal Journey this year! My first post 🙂


RBG and a bunch of other art!

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Mixed Media Art

RBG, you have to love her. Except if you’re a republican… probably. LOL. Maybe most people find her as wonderful as I do? I love her even though I’m Canadian. This is the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, mixed media style. I’ve been painting an awful lot lately but most of it has been sent off to friends for Santa gifts and can’t be shown here yet. And I still have some more Santa paintings to make and the odd trade or two still happening. Thankfully, business is quiet this December and I’m just happy to plod along and paint things.

This weekend is another Art-A-Thon over at so I’ve been drawing and colouring batches of ATCsn to trade. If you’re a member, please come by and trade with me! Here are some of the cards I’ve done for it.

ATCs for trade


The Art Bundle for Good is here! Have you signed up for this yet? I think there are only two days left! It is truly amazing! Please, please check it out and don’t miss it! There are about 75 online courses and a batch of PDF art books. Well worth the money and the best thing is that 25% of the proceeds go to charity. I’ve signed up and can confirm it’s a fabulous deal filled with awesome things for all artists and styles.

Happy weekend !

These walls are definitely talking

The Lebowski Wall

I have collected a lot of art over the years. Some I’ve made myself, some I’ve traded for and some I’ve bought. It’s been about 12 years of active collecting and trading now so you can image that I have a lot! I have so much art that some is even stored in boxes. That makes me sad. It’s crazy to have beautiful art in boxes. So it’s been my mission lately to change up all of the art walls in my house and add in a bunch of the new stuff. The wall above is my Lebowski wall for Lebowski art, dude. I have a lot more to go up there but this is easily one of my fave art walls. It makes me happy looking at Walter’s sour face and the Dude’s weed infused grin. If any of you ever want to trade me art, I’m always up for a Lebowski trade.

I’ve traded a lot of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and they’re one of my fave things to display in a small frame. I usually put 2 – 8 ATCs in various size frames and display them throughout the house. I back them with scrapbooking paper and it looks cool and colourful. At left are some of my faves. My friend, Ann D’Angelo, makes very witty collage ATCs and I’ve been the lucky recipient of many of her beauties. I was also lucky enough to trade a lot with Renee Nault a few years back. She’s an amazing artist and is now doing the art for Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale graphic novel. I’m not sure when that’s coming out but it’s on my must buy list for sure.

The pics below are some of the other art covered walls in the house. The art at the bottom is my much loved Sandman corner. I really enjoy the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman and the art in this corner (except the dinosaur) is all about The Endless. I have some gorgeous dolls by Sarah Trumpp and the coolest ever book Delirium. Love her! Sarah sent me a super amazing Delirium doll last Christmas and I need to build a little shelf for her in the Sandman corner.

I just rearranged the big art wall in my upstairs hall. It’s actually a huge piece of wood that I painted with blackboard paint. Tons of fun to decorate and draw on this one. We change it up all of the time and add different quotes and pics. That amazing art doll sticking up is a Jean Michel Basquiat style doll made for me by the incredibly talented Rhonda Anderson. I’m a huge fan and collect art in his style so this was a most wonderful gift from an art friend.

My studio is covered in art but it’s all a mess so I can’t take photos. My daughter’s super annoying but ridiculously cute cat has been jumping on my shelves and attacking my art dolls and sculptures so I’ve had to cover up the shelves for now. Grrrrrrrrr. Cats are cute, but so irritating.

I’m blogging along with Effy this month! Join us.



And finally, a bit of art from me for this week. Some book loving book hugger bookmarks. Say that quickly six times! And a couple of fashion ATCs for a trade.

Opened a new Etsy Store!

vintage robots in acrylic

I opened a new Etsy Store! I’m excited! I used to have an art store on Etsy but I stopped selling any art there ages ago. My shop felt old and sad and I disliked the name (I had already changed it once) so I closed it down a while back. My other Etsy shop (I sell graphics and illustrations to creatives) has always been my main focus but I had the hankering to sell some other types of art, and sell it under my own name instead of some weird made up art name. I  wanted somewhere fresh and new where I could sell some prints (like the robots above), ACEOs and some of the original art I have laying around here. Because what am I going to do with it? I’m always painting things but who wants to hang their own art everywhere? I have a few pieces hanging up but I like to hang art by other people and most of my wall space is devoted to my art faves. This is one of my art walls.


If you’re on Etsy and have a few minutes, please go by and say hello! My stats are truly dismal, lol. I think I had three whole visitors today. WIN! I know I shouldn’t complain since I only just opened today but I think it will take me a while to get this store going. I don’t have much there yet but I’m going to fill it up over the next week or two as I find all of my prints and paintings. There’s a lot laying around here in odd places.

I have made a few art bits recently. Here are some ATCs, one of these I traded to the lovely Denthe for some gorgeous and wonderful artwork from her (below). Lucky me!


Artist Trading Cards wonder Woman


Denthe’s beautiful art.

Happy weekend! Happy PPF 🙂




Art-A-Thon at iATCs

This weekend, it’s art-a-thon time over at so I’m going to spend the weekend making art cards. The theme for this art-a-thon is “favourites” which can mean pretty much anything! I have a lot of faves to cover and create. If you’re a member of iATCs, come join in! Let’s trade. And if you’re not a member of iATCs and want to trade art cards with me, send me a note. I’m always happy to trade art!

Above is my fave philospher in a pussy hat (John Stuart Mill), my fave girl with long blue hair and my favourite monster at the tea party. These are all watercolor and ink.

Masked Ladies and Dark Queens

I’m not sure how I became so far behind on my blog posting! Actually, I guess it happens more often than not. Who am I trying to kid, lol? I might possibly be in a state of near constant lag.

I’m back on the ATC train! I joined a few swaps over at and made some mask ladies and a few dark queens. These are all watercolor and ink. My masquerade ladies were inspired by that TV show, Skin Wars. I’d never heard of it before it hit Netflix but once I saw episode one, I became an instant addict and would love to try body painting. It looks like so much fun. I just need a model. Any volunteers?

Coloring Books & Christmas… in June. It happens.

I’m thrilled that this Adult Coloring Book is finally finished and available! A group of us from the trading website created this fun little coloring book to raise money for our website server costs. It’s filled with 33 awesome pages of illustrations and designs in many themes from fantasy to flowers to zentangles, animals and more. There are 29 artists involved, including a few visitors to this blog. It’s a downloadable and printable PDF, meaning that you will need to print it at home. You can find it in my store if you’re interested and it will likely be for sale at some point on Wonderstrange too. Two of my coloring pages are in this one.

I know! I know! It’s way too early for Christmas painting, right? I can’t help myself. I’m excited already, lol. It’s my favorite season of all. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. I really like Halloween. So totally my second favorite season of all! It’s crazy to start this early but since this is an illustration set, I have to get a move on and have it ready for all of the lovely designers out there. Hence, Christmas in June!

And finally, a Throwback Thursday, but not me. It’s art from years ago! I bought this most amazing handmade watercolor book and I meant it to be my special mixed media art journal. And yeah, we all know how that goes. Many of you know how hard it is to fill an art book or a sketch book. It’s like this impossible goal way out there, years in the future, “One day you will be able to fill an entire sketchbook! One day!” I’m still not there yet. Some of my sketchbooks have been around longer than my kids. So yes, this is a book I really need to finish. I started it 6 years ago. Maybe this is the year. SIGH. I don’t even believe myself anymore.

Happy PPF and happy weekend!

Juggling Tribbles

Star Trek has long been one of my favorite shows. I used to watch the original series as reruns when I was a kid though I’m old enough to have watched all of Star Trek TNG when it first came out on TV. I still binge watch it now and again, plus all of the other series too. And I’m ridiculously excited for the new version coming to TV in 2017. WOO! This set of Star Trek ATCs features the always fuzzy and cute little tribbles along with the original series cast. These were marker and ink. I would like a tribble, but only one… like that’s possible, lol.

Here’s a bright summery set of watercolor daisies, one of my fave flowers. I think I have just about every color in my garden. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but there are a lot of them out there. This set is available in my store with pretty wreaths and other arrangements, and on Creative Market and Etsy too.

Happy long weekend! Happy PPF too 🙂