Halloween ATCs + Gothic Beehive

Here’s a few more of the ATCs made this weekend for the IllustratedATCs Halloween Art-A-Thon. I traded A LOT of cards over the past few days and have some beauties to add to my collection from my wonderful art friends. You can see some of the amazing cards people made on the front page of IllustratedATCs.

I also finished up a design for Mister Dress-up T-Shirts and hopefully, it will be available in their store soon. I’ll post if/when I get details. This is a gothic beehive. I love gothic style and I adore ridiculous beehive hairdos so the two make a great combination (in my mind!).  I used one of the faces I did for the 29 Faces challenge and reworked it a little. Saved me a bit of time.

Paint Party Friday: Halloween version!

Woohoo! It’s my favourite time of the year – Halloween! I love everything about it; the costumes, pumpkin carving, scary monsters, ridiculous amounts of delicious candy and chocolate and the annual Halloween Art-A-Thon at IllustratedATCs. This weekend, it’s time to trade lots of Halloween ATCs with my fellow artists. Above are a few from last year’s art-a-thon, all in acrylic. This year (below), I started off in markers and ink but I’m switching over to acrylic for today. No work at all today, I’m just painting pumpkins and witches.

Here’s one of the sketches from my life drawing session yesterday. It’s not too bad. I think this was a 15 minute pose. I didn’t have the best figure drawings yesterday. Sometimes you hit a few winners and sometimes you suck. I did draw a REALLY bad set of feet with extreme foreshortening. It was tough and they still looked ridiculous. Feet are on the practice list.

Fave Artist ATCs

Here are some of the Favorite Artist ATCs I made for a swap on IllustratedATCs. There’s Klimt, O’Keefe, Gauguin, Kahlo, Toulouse-Lautrec and Renoir.  I love this swap. It’s one of my favourites since it’s so much fun making and collecting mini reproductions of master class art. It’s sometimes hard to fit it all in on one ATC (2.5″ x 3.5″) though. Mine are all done in colored pencil, except the O’Keefe which is in acrylic.

PPF: A girl and her bird

Here’s another painting for my portfolio (and Paint Party Friday). I like it but now it’s really bothering me that her scarf is floating off in the breeze and her hair is sitting flat. Bit silly. Ah well…. maybe the fan is only far behind her hair, lol. Pretend you don’t notice! This was painted in Photoshop.

I’ve been doing a lot of cool color paintings lately and wanted something warm and bright. Aside from her icy blue hair and winter scarf, she’s warm. Really. Click for the bigger image.

Here are a few of the drawings from my life drawing session today with one of my favorite models. She always manages to find the good poses and best of all, she is such a still sitter. Anyone who goes to life drawing regularly appreciates a still sitter. The left two are charcoal (5 min poses) and the one on the right is colored pencil. That was a long pose.

If any of you are members are ATCsforAll.com, please consider coming to join us in the Daily Drawing Group. We mostly just post art whenever we make it and provide feedback for each other. We also have weekly challenges and this week, it’s Halloween Monsters. If monsters aren’t your thing, then autumn scenery works just as well. I made mine (at left) as an ATC (ink and markers) and he’s up for trade in the group. Come join in and trade me!

Zombies! A trio of Zombie ATCs

For a special Halloween swap on iATCs , I made a set of ugly, gory zombies ATCs for my secret swap partner. These are done in ink with markers. I also made a stuffed (cute) voodoo doll for her but I didn’t get a good photo of that one. From my partner, I received the most beautiful Day of the Dead calavera girl mask. I can’t wait to wear it on Halloween!

If you’re a member of iATCs, I hope you plan on taking part in the Halloween Art-A-Thon, happening Oct 17-20. We’re making and trading art all weekend!