Love Joy mixed media and a bit of dark too

Love Joy Mixed Media

I finished this painting this morning and I think it might possibly be the happiest thing I’ve ever painted! I love a good rainbow and as much colour as possible and my mood has been more positive the past few days. It all makes for happy art and happy art is good.  Serendipitously, I found the word LOVE on her shirt in the patterned paper.  I love little things like that.

Below is a new page in one of my art journals. I guess this was a dark mood day? No, no guessing… I know it was. Donald Trump probably did something evil and stupid again while I was painting.  I’m surprised all of my art isn’t dark and black lately.  This one is watercolor and coloured pencil over a book page with lyrics by one of my faves, The Tear Garden.




Sorry for politics in the art blog but if you’re a Donald Trump fan, this might not be the blog for you 🙂


WIPs, Life & Little Bits

Unfortunately, I’m having one of those weeks where the things I draw REALLY aren’t matching the visions in my head. I know I’ll get these “imagined” paintings right at some point, but it won’t be this week! In the meantime, I fiddled about with a group of girls chatting away at a club (that you can’t see yet!). Maybe I’ll come back and finish it. For now (and maybe forever), it’s a WIP.  I like the color scheme though. I spent some time looking at the gorgeous palettes over at and spied this one that reminded me of candy floss. I added in some browns for a bit more variation. If I don’t finish this painting, then I might take those same colors for another painting.

I made some decent drawings at the life drawing session today. This is one of them though I really have to remember to take my photos during the day, not at night when I want to post… even with the ugly yellow flash color distorting the image. Ah well. She still looks the same I figure.