Art for Sale – Portraits in pen and ink!

A pretty Frida

I’ve been so in love with pen and ink recently. I’ve been on an absolute binge of art making with my microns, paint pens and some watercolors. I love to draw portraits in pen and I love a ton of colour so it’s a fun mix for me. I have about 20 or 30 of these portraits available (humans and animals) and will be getting them up on my websites over the next week or two. If you’re interested in the original or a print of either of these pieces, send me a note!

Is anyone else sweltering in this heat? I’m hoping tomorrow brings some relief for all of us. I know  a heat wave has hit much of North America and Europe too. I melt in humidity. My default is a cool autumn and spring, LOL. But I have been having a great time up at the cottage. There is cool water to dip into, boats to tour around in and cold wines to drink. These little things make everything good again.


A fancy cat


Frida, always fun to paint

Frida Kahlo painting

Today is super hot in Canada. REALLY hot. OK… maybe not Texas hot or Florida hot, but for this melting and sweaty Canadian, it’s super HOT. Our humidex is sitting at 40 degrees and I only ventured outside at 8 am to go have breakfast with my family. Once inside again in the safety of my glorious AC, I got my art on a bit and managed to pull off two LifeBook 2017 lesson for the day. Go AC! This lesson was by Tamara Laporte on being wild and free, hence Frida. I absolutely LOVE to paint Frida. She was a glorious woman and I love her art. Truly love her. Working on this LifeBook lesson was easy-peasy and lots of fun. Of course my Frida is smoking and drinking because I’m pretty sure she liked to do both of those things.

Also had tons of fun working on the Be Bold lesson.  If I’m doing marker art, I almost always do a pencil drawing first so winging it and diving in with the fat markers right away was great for loosening up. Loved it. I might do this as an exercise now and then. Very enjoyable.


Marker Art