Funky Glasses Mixed Media

Funky Glasses

Hello friends! Are you still melting this summer? I am. I’m a sweaty art mess. I love the sun and the outdoors but I need my AC! Hope the weather in your area is treating you well. We’re almost there though…. I am so ready for my favourite time of the year – FALL! WOO! And with fall comes the best holiday of the year – Halloween. Right? I am really looking forward to Inktober and Drawlloween, the funnest art challenges of the year I think. I hope I can keep up. I’m going to give them both a whirl, even if I only manage a few days.

Mermaid!Mermaid!Above is one of my new originals from this summer in pen and ink (see? already preparing for Inktober, lol) –  funky glasses girl. I know, I have to work on my titles! I love a cool girl in funky glasses. This one has sold already but I’ll probably get some prints made soon. And at right and left are a couple of mermaids in watercolor and ink for a trade. So fun to draw with all of the curves and flowing hair.

In other news, I’m working on a new art workshop. It’s been many years since I’ve taught online but I’m working on a small new program to introduce this coming fall. I don’t have any details yet but will send out information to interested parties in the Fall newsletter, coming in September.

Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Mermaids, Dryads & Space Adventures. And Barflies too.

Bar flies or flies at the bar

It’s been a busy week! Lots of art happening and a flurry of ATC trading and swapping. I barely managed to get any actual work out. And who needs work when you can trade art? LOL. I wish.

Above are a set of bar flies, or flies at the bar. This is me as a fly. Actually, I usually just sit at a table rather than the bar. These were made for an insect swap. I had to be extra and humanize them but seriously, drawing insects is pretty gross. They have a lot of ugly bits. No one wants to draw those bits. It was fun though – something other than human is always good for practice now and then. Also below are some mermaids and a pair of dryads for a trading friend in Germany. I love to make curvy mermaids with flowing hair. All of those curves are fun! And space adventures too! I went for a vintage vibe in space with these ones.

Space Adventures

Dryads and mermaids

And a journal bit from one of my art journals. This one is from Book of Days with Effy Wild (highly recommend any of Effy’s art programs). The figure is a continuous line drawing though you can’t tell anymore since she’s covered in paint and ink now but I did do the exercise properly! The list is a list of wonders – things that make you happy on a bad day. I had so many more things to add but couldn’t fit them all in.

Book of Days

Happy weekend everyone!