A bit of sad art and a joker


I’ve been on a real mixed media path these past few weeks. There’s something about digging out all of the art supplies in the house, spreading them around the art table and then diving in. It’s a good feeling, even when you’re making sad art. This one is called Gremlins for those ugly or sad feelings we all get sometimes. I’ve had a blue few weeks for various reasons and sometimes it helps to paint it out. I don’t usually want to talk about things so this is my therapy. That and a good Mr. Rogers documentary. I went to see Won’t You be My Neighbor last week and it was brilliant. I grew up on Mr. Rogers and loved the man as a young kid. Of course I thought he was super hokey the older I got and I didn’t realize how incredibly cool he actually was until I was much older – an adult. The documentary was wonderful and I think everyone in the audience cried a little at the end. I know I did. Well worth seeing this super feel-good movie.

Below are a couple of artist trading cards made for a trading partner on Instagram. I seriously disliked Suicide Squad, the movie, but I always liked Harley Quinn. She’s so fun to draw! Not sure what she sees in the Joker though. These ones were made in marker and inks on Bristol board.


Harley Quinn & Joker


I filmed an art walk through today! WOO! My first video in years. I used to teach online art workshops a few moons ago but it’s been a long time. I’m so rusty and awkward. I’ll have the video edited to add to a new website section soon.


Gelli plated journal art

I’m happy! I’m working on a round robin journal with some of my art friends. I love doing these – collecting cool art from fellow artists around the world, all in one pretty canvas wrapped mini journal. I just sent mine off to the US and can’t wait to see it back again after it travels all over North America and the UK. Should be interesting. I did a spread in my own journal before sending it off using cool stencils from Strumpet Stencils again. And there’s a walk through for this one if you’re interested: Take no Shit walk-through.

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve been working on tons of paintings and drawings to put up for sale. I don’t have any scanned to show yet but they’ll start popping up next week and will be added for sale here, with prints too!

Happy weekend and art making 🙂


Gimme a Rock Protest Art

Gimme a Rock

Gimme a rock was painted a couple of weeks back, the day of the student marches in the US. I love those kids, standing up to the government and they have my full support. The painting is an allegory obviously (David and Goliath). I’m definitely not advocating people start throwing rocks but I sure do appreciate these “powerless” youngsters standing up to the NRA and their government with a peaceful protest. I hope they keep at it. I’m not a fan of guns under any circumstances, even hunting. And I cannot fathom being scared to go to school because someone might shoot me. I have a very hard time trying to understand why anyone is allowed to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle.

On a happier note, below is a batch of Artist Trading Cards I’ve made over the past couple of weeks. Lots of different themes and a wee bit of Esthetic Blood. That is seriously one of the swap themes. Many of us love a romantic vampire!

And on an even happier note, I saw things sprouting in my garden today! I think some tulips are on the rise and this makes me ridiculously happy. Hope your weekend is happy. 🙂


Artist Trading Cards



Book lovers and goblins get friendly

I don’t think I’ve posted the mixed media lady above already. Maybe I have!? Anyway, it’s a piece from this summer in watercolour, coloured pencils and whatever else I had on my desk at the time. If anyone wants it, send me a note and it’s yours! Don’t be shy. It’s still freebie month and I haven’t had time to sort out the free art doll templates I promised. It’s been such a crazy, busy work week for me and I have so many art pieces to make this weekend. The callus on my middle finger is actually hurting. Artists can have work related injuries! LOL.

What I’m working on 

I’m still working on lots of game art and have some ugly goblins and orcs on the go. I love drawing the ugly stuff, especially this close to Halloween. Ok…. it’s not that close, I know, but we’re getting there and anyone who knows me well, knows it’s my favourite holiday of the year. I so want to dress up this year but I don’t really have anywhere to go! I’m past the Halloween party age so I’m basically limited to dressing up and handing out candy on the 31st. The thing is, I think my ugly female Darth Maul might terrify the younger kids who come to my door. I might have to rethink this.

I’m also working on some bookmarks to swap with art friends over on IllustratedATCs.com. I thought a set of book lovers loving books would be fun to make. I’ll finish them up this weekend with some colourful watercolours and back them with a sturdy cardstock.


October Mash Up!

I love October for both Inktober and for Drawlloween! So much fun for artists. For Inktober, the idea is to draw one prompt each day in pen and ink. For Drawlloween, you also draw a (Halloween inspired) daily prompt but in any medium. It’s pretty hard to finish one of these daily drawing months in full, let alone two, so I’m going for a mash-up. I might try combining the daily prompts in pen and ink.  Works for me! Hope some of you will jump in and join us. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to complete this every day but it’s fun to dive in when I can.

October 2017 Drawing Prompts

This month, I’m blogging along with Effy. Join us!

Green alien erotica

I’ve created a lot of art over the years; probably a few thousand pieces if we’re counting Artist Trading Cards in that number. And most of it speaks to me for sure although some of the odd trade requests over the years have made me question my art sanity. I think I’ve been asked to draw everything from the rather tame “please draw my dog, Rusty” to utter weirdness like “I would love for you to draw me green alien erotica under two setting suns.” And I comply! I love a challenge! I make my own odd requests sometimes too. Right now I’m collecting different artist interpretations of John Singer Sargent’s Madame X painting. I can be difficult too. Drawing ridiculous things takes me out of my comfort zone and I learn new art things.  Bonus! I never agree to draw anything I’m not comfortable drawing, just so you know. But the art that speaks most to me, that’s autobiographical in a way, is the art I sloved over (slogged and loved combo; it’s a word for sure). The pair above, although creepy to some, really speak to me. I love dark things like gothic novels, the big seedy city at night, hot romantic vampires and The Cure. I don’t at all like violence or harm or evil things, just the rebellious and slightly dark edge some people and places have. And the art I slove over always tends toward the slightly dark, like Lord Midnight and his Voodoo Queen above. I’m a middle aged suburban woman so there’s nothing much gothic about me anymore (the painting below is no longer me, LOL). My black nail polish days are long behind me. But that dark edge always peeks out through my most loved art, the art I enjoy making the most.


I’m blogging along with Effy this month. Join us! I’m not able to blog every day so I’m picking and choosing the good days. It all works.

PS. If you want to do an ATC trade, let me know in a comment or via my contact form. Always up for a new trade with new artists! I will draw almost anything, lol!

Final of Collab Canvas with Ayala

All done! Here is the final result of my canvas collaboration with Ayala. I’ll link to her video as soon as it’s available.

The WIPs are below (click for large images) so you can see how I went from Ayayla’s lovely background to the fully realized Frida painting in the final. I had a couple of reference photos I used for Frida’s face and I painted directly onto the canvas with my Golden acrylic paints. I wanted to go for a colorful style so there is plenty of bright blue, pink, red and orange in her face. I thought that would match the super background. Once Frida’s face was painted, I used some pretty scrapbooking papers to cut out flower shapes for her hair. And overtop of those flowers, I just used a gel pen to draw in petals and shapes. I did the same thing directly on the canvas background – gel pens and permanent marker to create more flower definition for background decoration. I finished off the canvas with a light spray of varnish to keep everything clean and in place. All done!

If anyone else is interested, I’m always up for another canvas board collaboration! Just get in touch with me here and let’s get started 🙂

Here’s the canvas I sent to Ayala (see previous post too) and the lovely painting of a pretty Calavera girl she sent back to me.


More Paintings for the 30 Day Challenge

Here are the painted canvas efforts from the past week with a few more in the previous post. I think I’m actually ahead of the challenge now, by one or two paintings, Woo! It’s been a good painting week. I’ve had fun with the acrylics so far and have been doing a lot of mixed media type of art, lots of fun and bright images too. I think next week I will turn things to the more serious side and see try my hand at still life and realism. Maybe. We’ll see how it goes. I usually find that sort of thing such a drag to draw so I might only last a day.

Happy PPF!

Mixed media rainbow ladies…. and a goth girl!

I’ve been carrying on with the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge and it’s been good fun so far, with lots of experimenting going on. All of these pieces are mixed media with a lot of papers and book pages pasted on the canvas, then painted over with bright colors. Then I used a glazing method for the portrait part with burnt umber underneath and glazed colors over top. I like the colors and the papers to show through the painting. It’s been good practice.

Mixed Media Ladies & Crazy Hats

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve reorganized one of the online workshops I presented for ArtTrader Magazine a couple of years ago – Mixed Media Goth Girls. I’ve taken out some content and added in some new art and the new workshop will be available to start on January 6th, 2014. Registration is now open! The pretty pink lady on the top left is part of the workshop and a full listing of program content is available on the workshops page.  There are 5 videos and a 30+ page workbook so lots of fun content!

Yesterday I finally managed to scan two paintings that have been sitting around for ages! They’re pretty big and I couldn’t get them scanned properly, even in pieces. I had tried numerous times. But I persevered and finally managed to piece them together in Photoshop… it took a long time. It’s my mixed media Voodoo King and Queen from a couple of years ago. I thought I might do an online series of big hats, not necessarily voodoo hats, just big mixed media hats. I think that would be a fun workshop. Either that or Calavera girls – perhaps both! One of those themes (or both) are coming in the new year.


Goth Girls Mixed Media Art Workshop: Coming soon!

I used to present online workshops for ArtTrader Magazine a couple of years ago. One of the programs that I presented was Mixed Media Goth Girls. It featured a 30 page workbook and about 7 streaming videos running the gamut from drawing simple to more complex goth girls, to hair and clothing through to creating mixed media and collaged canvases. I’m going to rework the content a little bit and add in a few things and then make it available on my blog here for a small fee.

The workshop will be available in a couple of weeks. Just an advance post!