Funky Glasses Mixed Media

Funky Glasses

Hello friends! Are you still melting this summer? I am. I’m a sweaty art mess. I love the sun and the outdoors but I need my AC! Hope the weather in your area is treating you well. We’re almost there though…. I am so ready for my favourite time of the year – FALL! WOO! And with fall comes the best holiday of the year – Halloween. Right? I am really looking forward to Inktober and Drawlloween, the funnest art challenges of the year I think. I hope I can keep up. I’m going to give them both a whirl, even if I only manage a few days.

Mermaid!Mermaid!Above is one of my new originals from this summer in pen and ink (see? already preparing for Inktober, lol) –  funky glasses girl. I know, I have to work on my titles! I love a cool girl in funky glasses. This one has sold already but I’ll probably get some prints made soon. And at right and left are a couple of mermaids in watercolor and ink for a trade. So fun to draw with all of the curves and flowing hair.

In other news, I’m working on a new art workshop. It’s been many years since I’ve taught online but I’m working on a small new program to introduce this coming fall. I don’t have any details yet but will send out information to interested parties in the Fall newsletter, coming in September.

Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Blood Mask, Mixed Media

Blood Mask Mixed Media

Another mixed media piece from me. This one with just about everything thrown in for good measure – watercolors, acrylics, colored pencil, pens, papers, paint pens. It’s all in there. Happily enough, it sold very quickly too, and to a wonderful friend. I hope she enjoys it.

Hope the weather is treating you well – wherever you are. 🙂


A bit of sad art and a joker


I’ve been on a real mixed media path these past few weeks. There’s something about digging out all of the art supplies in the house, spreading them around the art table and then diving in. It’s a good feeling, even when you’re making sad art. This one is called Gremlins for those ugly or sad feelings we all get sometimes. I’ve had a blue few weeks for various reasons and sometimes it helps to paint it out. I don’t usually want to talk about things so this is my therapy. That and a good Mr. Rogers documentary. I went to see Won’t You be My Neighbor last week and it was brilliant. I grew up on Mr. Rogers and loved the man as a young kid. Of course I thought he was super hokey the older I got and I didn’t realize how incredibly cool he actually was until I was much older – an adult. The documentary was wonderful and I think everyone in the audience cried a little at the end. I know I did. Well worth seeing this super feel-good movie.

Below are a couple of artist trading cards made for a trading partner on Instagram. I seriously disliked Suicide Squad, the movie, but I always liked Harley Quinn. She’s so fun to draw! Not sure what she sees in the Joker though. These ones were made in marker and inks on Bristol board.


Harley Quinn & Joker


I filmed an art walk through today! WOO! My first video in years. I used to teach online art workshops a few moons ago but it’s been a long time. I’m so rusty and awkward. I’ll have the video edited to add to a new website section soon.


Can I get an eyeroll?

Can I get an eyeroll?

As you may have noticed, I’ve been busy changing things up on my website! Yay for more color! I’d love to focus more on my mixed media art and less on my watercolor graphic sets so an overhaul was much needed. I’ll still be creating and selling my sets on all of the main graphic designer sites but I’m going to focus mainly on my own art here on the blog. And add some videos too! I used to offer online workshops many years ago through Art Trader Magazine so I’m definitely going to be rusty but I’m looking forward to putting up some video tutorials and walk-throughs occasionally.

My husband, the zombie
Above is a new pen and ink mixed media piece. I am seriously loving the pen and ink these days! Especially mixing it all up with watercolors, washi tape, stencils and acrylics. These are the sort of things that get an art supply junkie really going! One day I will have to share photos of my washi tape collection. Or maybe not. It could be embarrassing.

In just one short month and a half, we will he heading off to a comic convention and I need a costume or two. At left is my husband and he makes a really good zombie so I was thinking of zombie family for the three of us (my daughter is joining us). But that’s sort of more Halloweeny I think. Ideally I’d like to make a father / daughter costume set. Last year my hubby was old Luke Skywalker and my daughter was Rey. This year they thought of being Odin and Loki. Any suggestions?


Happy weekend! I would normally be watching the World Cup but I wanted a Belgium and England final. Boo.


Gelli plated journal art

I’m happy! I’m working on a round robin journal with some of my art friends. I love doing these – collecting cool art from fellow artists around the world, all in one pretty canvas wrapped mini journal. I just sent mine off to the US and can’t wait to see it back again after it travels all over North America and the UK. Should be interesting. I did a spread in my own journal before sending it off using cool stencils from Strumpet Stencils again. And there’s a walk through for this one if you’re interested: Take no Shit walk-through.

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve been working on tons of paintings and drawings to put up for sale. I don’t have any scanned to show yet but they’ll start popping up next week and will be added for sale here, with prints too!

Happy weekend and art making 🙂


Rainbow horns and bees

Rainbow horns and bees

I have a thing for a lot of colour. Some of you may have noticed that. So rainbow horns is totally my thing and I can’t wait to do another one of these mixed media paintings. The more colour, the better. I think I’ll be filling my next few journal pages with rainbow horned ladies and men just because I love bold colour. And rainbow horns. And smiling people. That is my new journal adventure this month – extreme colour!

I started a new art journal for 2018 and already I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with a theme to paint that doesn’t make me feel like a Stuart Smalley affirmation. I’m not especially into themes like “dream” or “thankful.” Not that there’s anything wrong with themes like that. They’re meaningful and pretty to many people. I get it! I just have a stupid sense of humour and if someone gives me a theme like “dream” you know I’m going to paint a surreal half nightmare featuring Chuckie dancing with cute forest fairies. I should consult my own list and give one a whirl. I have a long list of art prompts and themes here on my blog if you’re ever stuck for a journal theme. Be warned though – some of the themes are utterly ridiculous, some light, some educational and some really dark. I think I might go with What’s at the end of my rainbow?” for my next spread. It’s fitting my colour love this week.

I made an art trade recently with Jennifer McLean from and just received her package a few days ago. WOWZA! She sent me the most brilliant cherry painting! If you’ve ever seen Jennifer’s art, then you know what a master she is with the watercolours. MASTER. I love the painting and am going to frame it and hang in my kitchen! I forgot to ask her permission to post it here but I’m sure it will appear on her blog at some point. She hasn’t received my art yet so I can’t post it. But such a fun trade!

Reading: Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive, #3) by Brandon Sanderson
Watching: Just finished La Mante, a French myster thriller on Netflix. Creepy!
Learning: I’m still working my way through LifeBook 2017. So many lessons!
Loving: My new set of Golden Fluid Acrylics! I was a heavy body girl. WAS.

I borrowed the above blog bit from Jennifer. I like seeing personal info on other blogs so I’m going to add it to mine too! It’s a bit of fun. 🙂

Happy weekend everyone! Linking to PPF and Art Journal Journey for my new adventures in ridiculous colour spread. LOL.


RBG and a bunch of other art!

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Mixed Media Art

RBG, you have to love her. Except if you’re a republican… probably. LOL. Maybe most people find her as wonderful as I do? I love her even though I’m Canadian. This is the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, mixed media style. I’ve been painting an awful lot lately but most of it has been sent off to friends for Santa gifts and can’t be shown here yet. And I still have some more Santa paintings to make and the odd trade or two still happening. Thankfully, business is quiet this December and I’m just happy to plod along and paint things.

This weekend is another Art-A-Thon over at so I’ve been drawing and colouring batches of ATCsn to trade. If you’re a member, please come by and trade with me! Here are some of the cards I’ve done for it.

ATCs for trade


The Art Bundle for Good is here! Have you signed up for this yet? I think there are only two days left! It is truly amazing! Please, please check it out and don’t miss it! There are about 75 online courses and a batch of PDF art books. Well worth the money and the best thing is that 25% of the proceeds go to charity. I’ve signed up and can confirm it’s a fabulous deal filled with awesome things for all artists and styles.

Happy weekend !

Born to be wild, but only a little bit

This is me to a T. You should see me on pub night. LOL.

Actually, I’m a night owl in real life. I stay up late making art or playing Dragon Age but the wild part only happens when we’re actually out doing something and then only until the sun sets. Then I’m done! I used to be out every weekend until 2 or 3 am in my youth but I think that might kill me now. Middle age. Wow.

The artwork above was done as part of LifeBook 2017. Such a fun workshop!

Below is a quickie for last week’s Illustration Friday. The theme was Women (I’m the one with the martini). I’m clearly a slack poster. I have no idea what the theme is this week.

The annoyed look

I think I’ve felt like this girl looks most of the week. It was a really busy long weekend that just passed and my husband and I took a day off of work as well (visitors) so I’ve felt behind and not on track. You see, fall is my busy time. I plan out the new graphic sets I’ll be working on, I get my stores in order and I seem to have the most illustration inquiries and projects around this time too. I have a long list in my notebook and hardly anything is crossed off! Plus I haven’t had a lot of time for personal art either. This folded arm art was finished last night after I went out for a drink. Maybe that’s why my lines are a bit wobbly, LOL. I haven’t had a chance to post recently but I have been busy making lots of graphic and journal sets. I’m almost ready to release a batch of new stuff! Yay! That always feels good. Next week I hope, when my entire week is my own.

This weekend we’re off to the symphony. Mozart and Dvořák. WOO! Looking forward to this one. I used to have subscription tickets and don’t anymore so it’s been a sad while for the symphony and me. But I did spy on the calendar that my local symphony is doing Beethoven’s 9th in the spring. Oh JOY! That’s on my list now too. I saw the 9th with the Toronto Symphony a few years back and it was so beautiful. Actually, maybe I will paint Beethoven in my new art journal. Brilliant but grumpy. It’s a good look for composers.






Frida, always fun to paint

Frida Kahlo painting

Today is super hot in Canada. REALLY hot. OK… maybe not Texas hot or Florida hot, but for this melting and sweaty Canadian, it’s super HOT. Our humidex is sitting at 40 degrees and I only ventured outside at 8 am to go have breakfast with my family. Once inside again in the safety of my glorious AC, I got my art on a bit and managed to pull off two LifeBook 2017 lesson for the day. Go AC! This lesson was by Tamara Laporte on being wild and free, hence Frida. I absolutely LOVE to paint Frida. She was a glorious woman and I love her art. Truly love her. Working on this LifeBook lesson was easy-peasy and lots of fun. Of course my Frida is smoking and drinking because I’m pretty sure she liked to do both of those things.

Also had tons of fun working on the Be Bold lesson.  If I’m doing marker art, I almost always do a pencil drawing first so winging it and diving in with the fat markers right away was great for loosening up. Loved it. I might do this as an exercise now and then. Very enjoyable.


Marker Art