FAQ & Licensing Policies

Do you offer any coupons?

Of course! I love a good deal too. I usually run a monthly deal on my front page. Check there to see the theme and savings. In addition, I offer coupons on a sliding scale:

  • Use code 10%OFF$20 for 10% off graphics order with a minimum purchase of $20.00
  • Use code 15%OFF$25 for 15% off graphics order with a minimum purchase of $25.00
  • Use code 20%OFF$35 for 20% off graphics order with a minimum purchase of $35.00
  • Use code 25%OFF$50 for 25% off graphics order with a minimum purchase of $50.00

One coupon per purchase.

 ** Please note that coupons only apply to graphic sets and coloring items.**


How do I get my files?

Once your order has been paid and processed, your download links will be made available to you right after the check out page. You will also receive an email with downloadable links inside.


File Formats

All graphic sets are downloadable as single ZIP files. Printable Coloring Books and other coloring items are available as PDFs. Some sublimation files come as PNGs.


How many times can I download my files?

The system is set to 2 downloads only so please ensure you save your files to your hard drive or Dropbox right away. If you have any issues with downloads, please contact me so I can help.


What is your refund policy for graphic sets and other digital items?

There are no refunds on any digital items since these files are available for download immediately after purchase. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have prior to purchase to ensure you are purchasing the right product for you! Please contact me here.


Store Currency

My store currency is set to US funds. If you'd like to know approximately how much that is in your own currency, please use the currency drop down menu at the top right of each page. My store processes payments in US dollars.


Licensing Terms for Illustration & Clipart Sets and SVG Illustrations & Designs

All licenses are non-exclusive.

Acceptable Uses:

You may use SLS Lines graphics for personal use (unlimited) and commercial use limited to 1000 or less end sales only (per set total). If you anticipate more than 1000 commercial end sales, please purchase an extended (up to 5000) or mass distribution license (over 5000). 

  • Yes, you can use my clipart graphics for Planner sticker sets, as long as you're creating your own unique designs with them. You cannot use my graphics "as is" for planner stickers.
  • Yes, you can use my clipart graphics for your own sublimation designs to sell but you need to make significant changes to my files and the result must always be flattened (ie changing colors, adding in substantial other visual elements). You cannot use my graphics "as is" for sublimation designs you are selling. If in doubt, please ask. 


Non-Acceptable Uses: 

  • You cannot make any SLS Lines graphics into other images or combine them with other images and then repackage and sell or redistribute as clip art, scrapbook kits, embroidery files, SVG files or digital papers, nor may you resell any SLS Lines graphics as is for the above purposes. 
  • You may not use any SLS Lines graphics for logos without a Logo License. Please purchase a non-exclusive Logo License if you wish to use any of my graphics for a logo.
  • SLS Lines graphics may not be re-sold, copied, shared, traded or redistributed or transferred in an editable format. Images must be flattened.
  • You may not share SLS Lines graphics with others. The licensing terms apply only to the purchaser.
  • You may not use my graphics on POD (print on demand) sites without an extended distribution license. POD sites include, but are not limited to, Redbubble, Society6, CafePress, Zazzle, AliExpress, Spoonflower, etc.


Licensing Terms for FREE Graphic Sets

All licenses are non-exclusive.

The license is the same as above except commercial use is limited to 100 or less end sales only (per free set total). If you anticipate more than 100 commercial end sales, please purchase an extended or mass distribution license.

You may not distribute, share or sell any of my free graphics. You are welcome to share a link back to my original product on www.slslines.com.


Licensing Terms for Sublimation Designs


  • Unlimited personal or registered charity use.
  • Limited small business commercial use (made by you, no mass production). You may create and sell physical products such as t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, cards, etc. with my sublimation designs. You may create up to 500 pieces per design. Please contact me if you require a license for more than 500 items.
  • No POD (print on demand) use for websites or services such as Zazzle, Society6, Cafepress, Screaming Owl, Amazon, Spoonflower, Printful, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc.
  • You may not distribute, sell or share this digital file anywhere.
  • You may not alter or modify my file to incorporate into other digital artwork to resell in any form.
  • You may not create sublimation or vinyl transfers without an extended transfer license.
  • SLS Lines is not responsible for your trademark violations. Unfortunately, trademarks change frequently and it is your responsibility to check for new trademarks in your selling category.
  • All designs are copyright SLS Lines / Sal Scheibe. Purchasing this file does not transfer copyright.


Licensing Terms for Printable Stickers


  • You may use these stickers for your own unlimited personal use or unlimited registered charity use.
  • You may print and sell physical stickers that you make at home with this set, up to 20 sets. If you plan on selling beyond 20 physical sets, please purchase an extended sticker license. You must assign credit to me in your product description (Sticker art by SLSL Lines www.slslines.com) or purchase a no credit license.
  • No POD (print on demand) use at all, including, but not limited to RedBubble, Society6, CafePress, Zazzle, Spoonflower, etc.
  • You may not resell these images in any digital format, even with alterations. License use is strictly limited to personal use for the purchaser only and physical home made stickers only.
  • All designs are copyright SLS Lines / Sal Scheibe. Purchasing this file does not transfer copyright.


Extended Licenses

If you want to use SLS Lines Graphics to create more than 1000 commercial end products, you must buy an Extended Distribution License. If you plan on creating more than 5,000 commercial end units for sale, please purchase a Mass Distribution License.


Logo Licenses

If you want to use any of my graphics as part of your logo, you will need to purchase a Logo License. Please note that use of my graphics as a logo is non-exclusive.


Illustration Services

I'm happy to discuss your project with you! Just send me a note and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I am normally here, working away, Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm (GMT -5). I'm unavailable on weekends and holidays!


Online Workshop Registration

Please allow 24 hours for access and registration confirmation during weekdays and 48-72 hours during weekends and holidays. I have to process registrations manually.


Refund Policy for Online Workshops

Once you have access to the course content and videos, no refunds will be issued. If you have any questions prior to signing up, please send me a note! I'm happy to help.


All SLS Lines Graphics Sets, Coloring Books & Journal Kits are copyright © Sal Scheibe. All rights reserved.