SLS Lines Blog News & Graphic Updates

  • Weekly Art 2: Old Masters & New Daisies

    I've been sorting out all of my graphics and art over the past week since I bought a new computer and REALLY need to sort stuff out. I don't think I've sorted my file system in well over 5 years. You can imagine the mess, right? 

    Above are some older graphics made new again! I pulled out some old cat illustrations to add to my portfolio but took a bit of time to give them an update. I have a thing for cats. They've always been my favorite pet to hang out with. I work with one super crabby cat and one ridiculously friendly cat lounging around nearby. 

  • Weekly Art 1: Happy Friday!

    Hello everyone! It's nice to be back to blogging again with my PPF pals after a short break. You may have noticed that I changed my website completely and my blog too. Quite a bit of work but so much smoother and easier to use. I'm glad to be back to blogging and visiting with everyone.

    Above is my ridiculously chubby unicorn drawn on my iPad using the Apple Pencil and wowza, do I ever love that thing. I use it with Procreate app and it's so fun and easy. Honestly... I've completely given up using my Wacom, except for image editing. I never thought that would happen. 

  • Tutorial: 10 Minute Intuitive Watercolor Portraits

    I love a good piece of 10 minute art! These intuitive watercolor portraits are quick and easy to make. All of you need is watercolor paper, watercolor paints, a pencil and some inking and/or gel pens. Markers can also come in handy or colored pencils.
  • Pricing Digital Graphic & Illustration Sets for Online Sales: Part Two

    In my last blog post, Selling digital graphics: My pricing guide, Part One, I wrote at length about pricing digital graphic assets for sale online and how we're not doing ourselves any favors by under pricing. 

    I’ve looked and no one really shares this sort of info so I’m putting it out there. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful to see how others work. And if you’ve been at it for a while and are quite successful, I hope you’ll share a little with the rest of us too.

    I worked out how much I need to earn from my sets to break even and then make a profit. Please note that I’m really generalizing here! Some sets take more time, others take less.


  • Selling digital graphics: My pricing guide, Part One

    This article is for people like me who sell digital graphic assets like watercolor clipart, fonts, icons, etc. to other creative designers. 

    I want to add a caveat here – I am by no means a top seller! Nowhere near that. I started selling digital graphics about 2015/2016 and did well for about a year. Then I completely changed my art focus and stopped making any sets at all for a couple of years (aside from the odd one or two here and there). I’ve only just come back to making graphic sets this year, in the last month or two really. I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned… so far! I’m sure this article will grow and change as I learn more. I will definitely update one year from now (May 2020) and let you know how things have turned out one full year in.

  • Textures! New mixed media backgrounds set

    When I'm making personal art, I often turn to my art journals and start with a textured background. I just love the look of little bits of old book pages, a bit of scrap paper and wonderful thick acrylics over top... and stencils too. I throw it all in there. And that's what I did for this new set of delicious mixed media backgrounds in shades of red, blue and brown. So many yummy layers that really came through in the scans. 
  • The Usual Suspects: Woodlands Character Creator

    I've been working hard on a new graphics set over the past couple of weeks, fun little woodland forest animals. This character creator set was a pure joy to make. Sketching out these funky little guys and then drawing a series of little outfits and bright pop flowers was the easiest (fun) work I've had in a long time. The new set features 5 woodland creatures that you can use au naturel or dress up in various outfits. I've included a big set of bonus florals along with pendants, banners, flags and signs and more. It's packed with over 150 items.


  • Printable Coloring Books: Flowers, Nudes & Zombies

    I used to sell handmade coloring books on Etsy but sewing them all together really took a lot of time and effort, much more effort than they were actually worth to be honest. Isn't that often the way with handmade goods up for sale? I'd had enough with the sore fingers and converted all of the books to printable PDFs.
  • Hand painted Picasso shoes

    I made myself some Picasso shoes last weekend! Michaels had a sale on white canvas shoes so I immediately scooped up a pair and then went back for more  a few days later. I had tons of fun painting these ones. I wanted to do something really colorful and I'm a huge fan of Picasso so it was a great combo to give a whirl. 
  • Cute robots and their wee monster friends

    I made some pink blobby monsters with a sad robot. One amazing thing I love about Procreate is that it creates automatic videos of your art for you. I didn't realize this until I had drawn a few pictures. It's seriously fun to look back on your creative process and see how you get from A (being a horribly messy scribble) to B (a nice enough drawing). I did some post editing on Photoshop on this art. I've been more traditional rather than digital in recent years but this new combo has me all happy about digital art once again.
  • Master Studies in my own style!

    I've always loved to do master studies of much loved paintings. It's always been a great learning exercise for me, plus a lot of painting fun. A few years back, I started a series of master studies in my own style. Actually, style is probably the wrong word since the style of these paintings is still basically the same but I added my own take with a bit of theme flair!
  • Freebie: Printable watercolor gift tags

    On my blog post yesterday, I showed you how to create your own watercolor gift tags from scratch. But not everyone has watercolors or fancy white pens hanging around... or, more importantly, the time to create all of these DIY goodies. So I created a printable free gift tag set for those who still want to participate, just not as much!